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  1. The reasons for that is simple: They are not equivalents to each other. Salvage is an end-product equivalent, whilst the bars and ores are resources. Therefore, they were replaced with an equivalent on the drop-tables: Stone Spirits. Furthermore, the end-products like armour and weapons were almost all at alchemy value. To prevent the loss of bank value for people with the adjusted alchemy floors, almost all smith-able weapons and armour were replaced to preserve that. @brad: For the new pickaxes, you should be able to smith them. You will need a tier equivalent pickaxe or better to mine the new ores efficiently. Most ore rocks have either been removed, replaced or moved elsewhere. The idea here is to get a few specific spots where it would be effective to mine, so people would group up and socialise whilst training the skill.
  2. Even the British Empire ended eventually.. It was a good run but people have grown up, moved onto other things, left RuneScape, started families and so forth. I can't see the site staying online for many more years, there's just no place for it these days which is a shame. It definitely will be a sad day, when that occurs. Myself have felt a decline in wanting to game in general and moved back to reading books as my go to form of entertainment. It also has to do with being on my last stretch of university before I got a whole new life to figure out. In general I think that people used RuneScape as a game to get away from, to merely pass time either as escapism or out of pure boredom. I was in the first category for a while, then late it got to the latter and now I probably even moved on in general :P. And then there is this (roughly at least) quote by Chaucer (Yes, Geoffrey Chaucer): All good things must come to an end. I suppose that also applies to these forums, eventually. Let's just cherish the memories while we can.
  3. This is the 'Book' in question: https://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/ability_book.htm It is an interface that you can access.
  4. Yes, it are the Anima sets. Zamorak (Ranged), Zaros (Melee) and Seren (Mage). Yes, the Wikia is a fairly good source.
  5. Well it really depends on what you want to do with said gear. Slayer? Current one would suffice just fine, could upgrade to GWD2 gear (t80 power w/o degradation). For weapons, t90s are a good aim. You might want to look into Invention perks. They give nice little bonuses to PvM.
  6. It is only reclaimable from Death within a 24h in-game period after the death occurred, and without any further deaths. If you happened to die again, before reclaiming the stuff at Death, then it all gets overwritten.
  7. There isn't anything to be done really. It's not like tip.it forums are dying and nothing else is. Forums are a dying breed full stop. Every fan site, every game, every forum out there is in a similar situation as the world is moving on. The forum as a concept has had its glory day and now social media and reddit are taking the fore. There's no point trying to cling on to it and force it to carry on, you just have to move with the times and realise nothing can last forever and as something birthed is the 90s (mostly) the forum has done quite well as a format. It's outlived Myspace, Bebo, MSN, AOL etc. Forums still have their place, more to discuss topics in depth rather than just discussing what's happening at that moment. Forum topics have a much longer life span than a reddit post and that has some merit, it's just about tuning your forum to that niche. But there is still a lot less appetite for that now than their used to be. Tip.It hasn't been helped by the fact that the website is dead, if the website was still going strong than that'd mean there'd be more activity here (albeit not a huge amount, but still more than now). Tip.It did not adapt when the Wiki came along and that's what killed it. A lot of staff stopped playing the game and they weren't replaced, I mean look at how many of the current staff still play the game, not a lot. I think there's about two admins even who are still actively playing the game (maybe even only one?). Out of all the current crew members it's been over a month since a single one of them logged into the forum! The Moderator/Crew Leader hasn't logged in for over a year too. This site needed people who still cared about the game in charge but that didn't happen. As they stopped playing the game those people stayed in charge instead of doing what those before them did when they stopped playing the game - step down and let others take control. I am not certain what I can tell, but things are a lot more complex than that. What I can tell you is that we tried our hardest on doing exactly just that. Main problem with us versus the Wikia is, they can do it a lot faster as they use the power of the many. That is the very nature of the Wikia. You wouldn't believe how much work even a small update brings. Would it be possible to add them in a timely manner? Sure, but that would compromise our personal lives a lot. That doesn't mean that we don't care about the game anymore, far from it. We just aren't the teenagers anymore with a plethora of time to work on these things. Life happens. I myself am working on a Masters degree, which sometimes require me to be focusing an entire month on it without playing the game. Most of the forum base are at either studying at college or university, or working at a job as well. There are a lot more things that all add-up to the state that we are in here now. And it isn't only us. Every RS forum shares the same fate, even the RSOF has taken a huge hit in the past few years. It isn't even restricted to RS forums. There are only a handful of forums that actually works. What do they do differently? Not much, just the luck of the draw.
  8. Not all clue items give Fortunate components. And there are some too valuable to even consider for disassembling to turn it into a LotD. EDIT: Actually, I counted most of them and a rough estimate is that about 45-50 LotD could be made from that tab alone o.O! At current price, I value that tab (minus dyes) at 4.1b.
  9. I bet you can make at least 3 LotD from that lot. Would be about 260m+ currently for sure.
  10. Ah ok thanks I wasn't aware of that. Do you know how to get them. They can be obtained as a drop from several of the new Slayer creatures in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.
  11. This. High alching pouches is a plain bad idea. There are a good amount of pouches that sell for more than they cost to make in the GE and any that don't you turn in at Bogrog which heavily offsets the cost of shards. Essentially if you are making a pouch that requires 100 shards you only have to buy 100 shards per pouch for the first lot. You then get 70 shards per pouch back thus making future pouches only need 30 shards to be bought. Also writing off an entire skill based on it being intentionally a bit of a money sink to train is insane - many familiars are extremely useful thanks to their skill boosting properties, item carrying functions or combat uses. Additionally, exchanging pouches at Lord Amlodd after Hard Tasks of Tirannwn tasks provide 10% additional shards.
  12. It probably is obtained by either as an RDT drop or Elite Clue scroll reward, both of which requires the T4 ring (Luck of the Dwarves) to be worn before it is possible to obtain it from either of these 2 sources.
  13. The video got removes on YouTube. That is probably why you don't see it. EDIT: I fixed the link! Sort of.
  14. My apologies on the late response, looks like it is indeed the shortage of RAM. Both the webbrowser and the Client can use a lot of ram together. You can either fix this by adding more RAM to the system, 8gb total should do so another 4gb added, or by using either the Java client or a browser.
  15. You should then try to log-in to RS3. To do so you can download the Game Client here: https://www.runescape.com/download.
  16. Mind fill me in as to why you need to set the graphics to low for FireFox to work? Just for future reference for myself, might someone else encounter the same problem and ask the same question ;). Because that uses less of the computer memory that way. Yeah, the high graphics take so much of the computer memory that it's hard to do anything else while playing. I hope this helps. Do you got a system with less than 4GB of Ram then? I'm not sure, but the version of Windows I have is Windows 7. Windows version (or OS version really) shouldn't have any effect on anything really that is mentioned in this thread so far. If you are unsure about any computer related hardware, there is this program that display the Computer System components rather straightforward: Speccy. If you download that program, and open it, it will show all the necessary information on the "Summary" screen. Would you be so kind to post a picture of the Summary screen?
  17. Mind fill me in as to why you need to set the graphics to low for FireFox to work? Just for future reference for myself, might someone else encounter the same problem and ask the same question ;). Because that uses less of the computer memory that way. Yeah, the high graphics take so much of the computer memory that it's hard to do anything else while playing. I hope this helps. Do you got a system with less than 4GB of Ram then?
  18. Mind fill me in as to why you need to set the graphics to low for FireFox to work? Just for future reference for myself, might someone else encounter the same problem and ask the same question ;).
  19. Indeed, system specs would help tremendously in determining the cause of the issue. If you could post them, we can help you further! Additionally to posting that, could you post a picture of the renderer command in the Developers Console. This can be done by accessing the Developers Console through pressing "Alt" + "~" keys at the same time. If done properly, a blue box comes up from the top. Enter here the command "renderer" and press enter. It will give you a list of stuff. Most of it will be incoherent for you, but could potentially also clear up some issues. Additionally it would be nice to see if the cache is fully loaded. This can be checked through the "displayfps" command in the aforementioned Developers Console. The cache should be anywhere between 13gb and 15gb. EDIT: Also have you tried a different browser such as Google Chrome to see if the problem is persistent across different browsers? This would just to exclude Firefox from being the cause. (To be honest, the browsers could still be a problem...).
  20. Miss Lioness


    You mean this one?
  21. Well, generally getting stock or pre-built computers is way more expensive than getting individual components.
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