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Leveling Up Methods


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So I've been having a few issues with leveling up certain skills. I was wondering what the faster methods, and/or areas where.


I need info on the these skills currently:


  • Thieveing (Level 17)
  • Farming (Level 1)
  • Hunter (Level 1)

I mainly am just wondering what's faster for these skills;

ie. Thieving: what's faster and/or better - stalls or pickpockets? 

Farming: is there certain seeds/patches that are better at lower levels?

Hunter: are there certain creatures that are easier to capture resulting in faster level?


Obviously I know that I'm not going to be getting great xp considering I'm at a lower level, but I'm still wondering what will help me level up right now. I'm already taking advantage of quests, but certain ones that reward decent xp in one skill require a medium level in another skill. (ie. The Digsite gives a decent amount of mining xp but I need 25 thieving, which I know isn't high but dear jesus is it really slow to level up for me).


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For Thieving you can do the quest Buyers & Cellars and then train on the doors in the Thieves' Guild, which should be relatively good experience. For Farming the best way would probably be to quest for it at least for the lower levels, i.e. Fairy Tale. You don't have to train every skill right away either if you choose. I don't think there are any specific seeds that are best - potato, onion, and then cabbage seeds seem to be recommended as you get the level. Other plants die too much to make it worthwhile. You can make compost too from raking weeds.


Hunter is unfortunately a frustrating affair at lower levels as it gets off to a very slow start. You can feed ogleroots to rabbits for the first 20 levels or so, then hunt tropical wagtails, followed by cobalt skillchompas, swamp lizards, and so on. Once you get to higher levels it should speed up a bit.

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Make sure to play Big Chinchompa for Hunter, you can play it twice per day and it starts every every hour on the :30 minute mark. The tickets are also a nice bonus for Hunter later on (or the XP if you choose so).


As for farming, just plant whatever herbs and allotments you can until level 15. Plant oaks at level 15, and continue to do so until level 30 for Willows, maples at 45 etc. Also plant whatever fruit tree you can as well. I don't know if money is a big issue for you, but farming herbs is generally a decent profit, such as snapdragons, avantoes, toadflax etc.


Thieving is honestly really awful at the lower levels. The bakery stalls are decent, as are farmers. But in all honesty, I don't really know what's best for low level thieving. How I trained my thieving mostly on my alt was through daily challenges.

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Whenever you are online, always atleast once plant/replant all the herb patches you got available. It's stupid not to. The profits + the experience gained over time is great. Also plant some cheap fruit trees whenever you remember to. :)


* Should also mention that i did Strawberries all the way to 99 on my herb runs.  :rolleyes:


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consider Making Supercompost and Compost to begin with,  I found this quickly got first 20 or so farm levels with not much effort at all (I only did it whenever I was in the relevant area)


Buy 40 Pineapples a day at arhein in catherby and make a load whenever you pass by catherby


Good Luck!

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