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  1. I would like this. |^_^| Feel free to add and hyt me! Together we can be..... quite safe?
  2. Just recently started playing Darkscape. Couldn't find a subforum on Tipit. Anyone playing? Lets make a tipit Clan perhaps? Safety in numbers :D
  3. Whenever you come back, Remember us here at Tip.it. ;) Take care and don't let the world get you! (lol)
  4. At work if some of my coworkers got some crap job to do, i usually volunteer to do it, so they dont always have to do it. :shades:
  5. Airuts are my favourite. Guaranteed profit each kill, and alot of random garbage that adds up. Couple of mills are viable per task.
  6. I've recently just been doing dailies and herb runs. Make about 2-3M a day. Tipped me over 1,3b total wealth just recently. |^_^|
  7. Fishing. Back in 2005 or so i just decided to go for it. Oceans of sharks vanished, lol.
  8. I've recently started collecting Broad Arrowheads. Only have about 200k of them. But im slowly going towards 1,000,000 of em. :shades:
  9. Whenever you are online, always atleast once plant/replant all the herb patches you got available. It's stupid not to. The profits + the experience gained over time is great. Also plant some cheap fruit trees whenever you remember to. :) * Should also mention that i did Strawberries all the way to 99 on my herb runs. :rolleyes:
  10. I've used this forum for years with different users. Recently came back to see it dead. I'll continue using it and try to help out as often as i can. |^_^|
  11. I wish OSRS would be as nostalic and fun as i first thought it would be. Unfortunatly it wasn't. It's all a lie. <_< :(
  12. Phew...level 89 normally is 23,690 xp, according to RS Wiki. I thought the lamp was only meant to give you up to 23,690 extra from the bonus xp but it seems it might give an additional 300% from the bonus xp pool then? (23,690*4 =~ 95K). All i know is that i spent 400 keys and got 6m RC exp. Good game, girl's gonna kill me.
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