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12th October 2015 - Call of the Ancestors | Novice Quest


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Kinda sad that RS runs perfectly fine (minus network lag) on maxed settings, but the moment it goes into low-quality, the game essentially shits itself.


Also, revenant walk animation casually sitting in-game and unreleased, mocking me. :<


Mod Kalaya said next week for Revenant.

R.I.P. The olde nite. A legend is gone but not forgotten.


a Faction Related Item Sink for Rune Labs. https://[LikelyScam]/m=player-proposal/a=13/c=VcG-Ir5Ijno/view-idea?idea=19



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All things that should've been caught in QA honestly.

They weren't really glitches, it was just harder for the player base than they'd expected so they changed it. If they're playing it and its working perfectly for them then I don't see why they'd nerf it before they get player feedback.

Because they should be running these things with sub-optimum specs. I know they used to. Who honestly played it through and thought the timing was balanced? It's bad enough that games all need a day 1 patch does Runescape need one too for every update?


 I found it to be pretty easy already...


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