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  1. I personally much prefer forums over things like reddit and other social media.
  2. They weren't really glitches, it was just harder for the player base than they'd expected so they changed it. If they're playing it and its working perfectly for them then I don't see why they'd nerf it before they get player feedback. Because they should be running these things with sub-optimum specs. I know they used to. Who honestly played it through and thought the timing was balanced? It's bad enough that games all need a day 1 patch does Runescape need one too for every update? I found it to be pretty easy already...
  3. My personal opinion would be ascension. But I also tend to like range more.
  4. One plus side I can see from them, is if on a slayer task you get ~three times the experience for only one monster taken off your current task. Sounds like a slight xp/hr boost. ^_^ Very slight I'm sure. Or I could just be too much of an optimist. Either way I'm happy. :)
  5. Lets be real here, all one has to do is join portables FC and get unlimited portables free of charge if you aren't the tipping type. So it's really not a benefit to people paying $$ other than gaining sub-par gold, and well...bonds are better anyways I'm sure. I personally like the aspect that it brings players together...but that's just me.
  6. This month sounds amazing to me. :)
  7. Started flipping while I do FM, decided to make a merch log. http://merchz.com/merchantlogs/impaler99/
  8. 92 dg :D Used Enlightenment aura on herblore, got 86. The printscreen didn't work for some reason, so it pasted the last one I took at 85. :(
  9. Got 71 hunter, 80 construction, 75 thieving, 85 firemaking and 80 summoning today.
  10. Been working on prayer since last night, have bones banked for 95. Going to try to get it today. 2100 total + 92 prayer! 95 Prayer! Now to catch up on my dailies, farm run...then probably chop some ivy for the night. ^_^ 81 WC
  11. I'm pretty sure when you stab tuska, it resets that 80 minute max. Do not quote me on that though! :)
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