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confusion over Evil Tree -for free player


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I trying to get this mini-game started but their is confusion if it is for free players or members only. I have pinned this mini-game and been sent to the spirit tree in the corner next to Grand exchange. So the first problem I notice is that the stupid tree does not let free players talk to it like some web sites have mentioned, also you can not chop anything of it. website  also say you must have finished the Tree gnome Village quest which is a Members only thing. So what website is right ? How do I get this started if Im only a free player ?

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You can do the minigame as a non-member, but the tree at the grand exchange is not the evil tree. The trees spawn every 2 hours or so around the world, and when one is active, the tree at the grand exchange can teleport you there (maybe not for non-members, idk).



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You are confusing the evil tree's with spirit tree's. See this page: https://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/evil_tree.htm for more info. 

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I would like to be credited as essiw at the website update & corrections forum. Thanks!

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