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I just came for a short visit to see how it's been.

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If you guys don't remember, well, I was once a regular poster on this message board. And yeah how I acted in 2015 I completely realize now that it was unwarranted, and I would never act that way today. How much I tried to get pity was pathetic.

Anyway, I don't play RuneScape anymore, I quit in 2019. The Smithing Rework update was so unbearable to me that I couldn't continue playing.

Anyway I am thinking about making a video explaining my history on this message board. There is a lot to talk about, so I think it'd be an interesting video to make.

How have you all been since I was here last time? Doing good? I'm doing great, I have a very successful YouTube career which I'm very damn proud of. And I don't go to the forum games anymore because I have outgrown them, don't think they're fun anymore, and yeah I also caused trouble there and I am sorry about that, I wouldn't do stuff like that anymore I learned my lesson.

I hope you all are doing well, I'm done well myself.

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I remember you, Blaze. Part of life is being able to look back on yourself and seeing how cringe it was. Everyone was cringe at one point in their lives. I wish you well, if you ever see this.




Runescape player since January 2005
Ego Sum Deus Quo Malum Caligo et Barathum


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