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Auctioning 2 Animated Sig 1gp each!!!!


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second one..rune plate!








can you make the flash change from my name to the gladiatorz then to the alliance?




and when it flashes...can you make it soo like it fades...or just try it the way it is..and if it looks wierd..can i change my mind?? and the speed the same as the sig that i have right now :):)








thanks :) if anyone bids..ill bid higher :):)








edit : oh ya..font a little smaller :) thanks

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10k on the first on but could put the animation slowly and write Proud member of 'the' and i want my name in the left up corner and 1300+ skill in the right doen corner


Not a member of 'the'clan anymore :S But still proud that i was one!


-Mam123 ~BanNed~

-Purr Pker ~Main character~

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