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  1. zf that was a heck of a war :P thanks for the wonderful time :D w00t gladz4llife
  2. looks really nice! p.s. dont forget about my order m8! :) (if the price is too low we could talk something out :))
  3. i cancel my order too mister waited around 2 months...i guess im gonna wait 2 more weeks and ask jeppoz to make me a sig. sorry
  4. got it! :) ill pm you in 2 weeks :)
  5. omg..that is awsome :) i always loved your style i was wondering if you could make me a sig for around 900k- 1 mil. i read on one of the posts which said that money doesnt motivate you...and that the idea inspires you to make them...soo how does making a sig that consists of 5-6 people in pk gears killing bunch of people in the wildy(kinda like a war scene) sound? p.s. lol the fat man looks soooooo funny!! :):) cracks me up everytime i see his face expression! rofl
  6. wow..thats awsome.:) just wondering how long i would to wait for mine :) btw. been 2 weeks already :roll:
  7. hey misterx :) yay im back :D i was just wondering if you were done with my sig yet :) thanks see ya
  8. hey :) i just got on to just to check if you were done :lol: ...i wont be on til next week...take your time mister :) thanks for your patience :wink:
  9. bumpidy ill be going now....wont be on for a while...see ya..hopefully youll be done by the time i get back :):) 8) thanks ..be back in a day or two soo take your time and make it look really good!! :):)
  10. hey..i wont be on for couple days...because i need to get a new moniter for my comp. soo if you finish in that time period...dont worry because ill come on as soon as i can. ill be on tilll today.
  11. ahahahahaha but misterxman...you are one of th BEST sig makers ..ever :) hurry and go do mine!!!! :lol:
  12. take your time :):) make it look reall nice man :)
  13. wow...the second one looks awsome :) but i cant see the first...ill give it another try edit- i see the first :) im on now...but ill be going soon..soo ill be back in like 30 min
  14. your name is bmagic rihgt? my rsn is n-o-w
  15. not bad ill pay you what i promised :) can you also put my name in there? and maybe change the font a little? and make fade?? i added you bmagic...just waiting for you to log in
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