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best magic line up


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Presuming you have the Def requirement then wear Full Mystic (Any colour), but replace the hat for a Farseer Helm (Bought after the Fremnick Trials quest). Equip a God Book and your Lava staff. Plus a Glory and Seers Ring.




What I suggested above is probably the most affordable, however if you want that extra bonus then you'll have to pay a lot more for Infinity robes.

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seer's ring?? what is that? i have never heard of it :?:




A ring that is dropped by one of the Dagganoth Kings. It gives a slight bonus to your magic bonuses. Very useful if you're looking for that little edge but it is just a ring.

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Blue Mystic - 200k


Farseer - 78k


Glory - 80k


God Book - varies from each book; Zammy - 600k, Sara - 400k, Guthix - 200k.




Zammy book is more like 800kish, the other books sounds fine though.




Infinity Needs lv 50 mage and 25 defence to equip, nearly 10m worth, and not worth the money IMHO, only the boots are useful (best mage bonus boots)




And mage book also has +15 mage attack and defence, again not worth the money unless you are rich and dont know what to spend on.




Get 70 mage and defence, and the ultimate Mage Outfit is at your side : Ahrim's Robes, around 2m and is best mage outfit, completely handsdown.

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