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high alch


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im trying to get my mage from 45 to 55 as cheap as possible-what spells should i buy and what monters should i do them on????

ive quit because of the dumb side of the RS community, not because i play too much (like 1 hour a day)



dont get lured!

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actually now, since construction, ive noticed that crafters dont give essence anymore. now its just ess for laws. so sad. :cry:

In Soviet Russia, glass eats OTers.


Alansson Alansson, woo woo woo!

Pink owns yes, just like you!


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really? have the actual ffl rules changed? I wasnt aware of it, if thats the case, I might go back and be a crafter!


I'd recommend the came teles as well, with law running to obtain the laws. Use up any old runes you have as well with a staff, such as minds and chaos if you don't plan to actually mage aggressively with them at any point in time.

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