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    AP Exams

    I just graduated, and entering college next year I ended up getting credit for some of my AP exams, and none of my IBs: 3 - AP Government (10th Grade). No college credit (score too low) 4 - AP US History (11th Grade). No college credit (score too low) 5 - AP Calculus BC (11th Grade). 4 credit hours 5 - AP English Lang. + Comp (11th Grade). 3 credit hours 5 - AP Chemistry (12th Grade). 6 credit hours (however, no immediate lab exemption. Have to turn in my labs to be checked by a professor for an additional 1/2 credit hours). 5 - AP English Lit. + Comp (12th Grade). 3 credit hours (transferred as "Non-university transfer credit" instead of english, I think because I already had credit for Lang./Comp) 6 - IB Math SL (11th Grade). No college credit (none for SL) 6 - IB Physics SL (11th Grade). No college credit (none for SL) 5 - IB Computer Science HL (11th Grade). Maddeningly, no college credit, despite my college (UVA) giving credit for almost all other HL exams. I can take a placement exam and exempt myself from CS1110 (intro computer science), but I won't receive any credit. Students who took AP Computer Science (A or AB) will get 3 or 6 credit hours, respectively. 4 - IB Economics SL (12th Grade). No college credit (none for SL + score too low). This class was such a joke, and I did not care at all about the exam because I knew I wouldn't get any college credit, was a second semester senior, and honestly disliked the class a great deal. 5 - IB Spanish SL (12th Grade). No college credit (none for SL). I could have got 3 credit hours if I had taken HL and got the same score. In total, I am going in with 16 credit hours, which I can hopefully raise to 20 once I take a placement test for Calc 3 (dual-enrollment at community college). All in all, I missed out on 9 credit hours, 6 of which were my own fault (low scores), and the other 3 from getting screwed on the IB Computer Science HL exam.
  2. Tell girls about it straight off, if you find one you are interested in. If they're worth it, it won't bother them at all. Experienced as a 17, turning 18 in a few months male with Tourette's Syndrome that includes facial and vocal tics (not swearing) that vary based on anxiety :shades: . I told a girl I liked about my Tourette's the first day we hung out, and we've been going out for 7 months. It is really a non-issue, completely. If anything, it has gotten a bit better since I've been dating her, because having someone non-family who understands about it is really important. But yeah, the most important thing is to tell them. Hell, tell anybody you know really, because people only think that Tourette's is weird when they don't know it's Tourette's, and think it's just a person twitching. As soon as they know what it is they stop noticing it, because they realize it doesn't really affect who a person is at all.
  3. I don't think you understand probabilities. Yep. A particular duel's outcome is not determined by the previous duel's outcomes. Every duel is just as likely to win as any other duel, given that all other factors remain equal. But losing 17 duels in a row has a probability of (.5)^17 = 7.62939453 × 10-6, or 1 in 131702. This is the probability of any particular string of wins and losses after 17 duels, but we tend to notice patterns, so losing 17 in a row can be considered rare. Although that's a terrible lottery to win, really.
  4. Will she still be in high school next fall? Either way, seems very drastic for two months of dating.
  5. I thought that it was pretty much the classic hero portrait: staring above and beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Assange looks like he's thinking, "How bad will my butt hurt when I get jailed and drop the soap in the shower?" Other inmates at the jail Julian is being held are actually slipping notes of support under his door <3: Also, there were some good posters about prison rape Who said anything about prison rape :shock: Did you know what "dropping the soap" meant when you used it...?
  6. Tourettes, I suppose. But that's more like one big collection of annoying habits.
  7. Use them to convince girls to sex you? Well, not exactly mosquitoes but I guess fleas are close.
  8. that shows right there that you consider all of Islam, regular people and extremist factions, to be one and the same. Nice job, fail troll is fail, gtfo, the usual crap. I was being sarcastic, that's why I mentioned that 40-45% of a person would harbor hate... Sorry if it wasn't obvious enough :P
  9. This is honestly one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. Since you make ridiculous claims that you have no means to prove, you ask us to do your work for you. What you're asking for is for us to look as dumb as you by posting some number for a statistic that is simply unmeasurable. All people have diffferent beliefs, being a certain religion does not mean you necessarily share some common hatred with all others of your faith. We can criticize your best guess without substituting one of our own because you're making a totally uneducated guess on a subject you really have little to no knowledge of. Neither you, nor me, nor anyone can make a reasonable guess on something that has no basis in rationality.
  10. Firstly its not a mosque its a community centre with just a place to worship secondly http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution and finally the religion it self is not to blame but the people Im a muslim..but does not mean im plotting and scheming evil plans Actually reputable sources would not disagree that 40-45% of you harbors evil thoughts about America. It's scientific.
  11. That's now how sources work. You can't just say something like that and presume it to be correct until a reputable source tells you something totally unmeasurable is measured to a lesser degree. Seems like there's a fair number of people in here spouting off loads of craps and then saying, "It's my opinion! I have opinions! I have the right to have opinions so I have them!" when people start to call them on their BS.
  12. Best. Troll-dismantling. Ever. :thumbup: It's actually called 'being troll bait'. No offense to you Zaaps but you wasted a lot of time on someone who is only trying to get a rise out of you. Which I assume they did. I sincerely thought that Renshae was trolling at first, but after he/she offered his/her stats and BH rank as evidence of whatever it is he/she was trying to prove, I thought otherwise. Yeah, Renshae could be an extremely intelligent troll, but I highly doubt it based on their responses so far. And the fact that all their posts are on this thread and they registered yesterday? Based on Renshae's posts that I've read, I wouldn't call them an extremely intelligent anything.
  13. Best. Troll-dismantling. Ever. :thumbup: It's actually called 'being troll bait'. No offense to you Zaaps but you wasted a lot of time on someone who is only trying to get a rise out of you. Which I assume they did.
  14. To the people saying "Oh, they can build it but it is in bad taste/maybe it's too much of a fuss/they're just looking for trouble": If we fight this mosque because of its' location, and just say "Oh well it's a hotly contested topic let's just leave it alone", it sets the precedent that the laws can sometimes be ignored to hurt a minority when it is "in bad taste". The precedent that will be set if this mosque cannot be built is that racism can and will be allowed in certain cases where people expressing their religious freedoms makes others feel insecure. Peoples' reaction to this mosque is troubling, it is shocking that people who otherwise are nice, and kind, will be outright racist simply because they think it's socially acceptable. It makes you wonder if more people are really prejudiced, but pretend to ignore these feelings when they seem socially unacceptable. Additionally, with the NYC protests, there are so many people living in New York City that an extremely vocal minority can look like a huge group, while really not representing the people who live there at all. I have heard from people living in Manhattan that almost all people there don't give two [cabbage]s about the mosque. I don't know about the other boroughs, but I'd expect right now that the people fighting the mosque are simply a vocal minority. At least, I hope so, or our country is going down the [cabbage]hole.
  15. superson

    Your first kiss.

    That sounds like it came out of a movie that would make me want to vomit. :mellow:
  16. I thought the bit on the Daily Show where Jon Stewart used a speech by the ex-head of NRA after the Columbine shootings that basically said, they aren't responsible for two crazies just because they both use the same things (guns). While I don't always agree with the NRA, this speech was really very true and can be almost directly applied to the current situation. Just replace 2nd Amendment with 1st Amendment (I think Jon said this, will look for video if I can.) EDIT: Video: Skip to about 7:00 for the part I'm talking about, but really the whole video is interesting, and if you don't agree, it at least has some jokes in it :thumbsup: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-august-19-2010/extremist-makeover---homeland-edition
  17. Instead of poring over data I've actually been playing the game... I have been killing some things that DO have higher defence, as one often does when using Kuradel. My tasks have been Skeletal Wyverns, Fire Giants, Blue Dragons, Dark Beasts, Abyssal Demons, Ice Strykewyrms. Anyway you're right about speed, I'm bringing DDS as my primary wep to my next task I think.
  18. Maybe not better, but whip = CLS on slayer. This is not true... Been using my CLS for 3 days on slayer mostly, it outclasses whip at almost all places. Spirit mages seem to be an exception, since they have such low defence and pretty low HP that you can 2 hit them with whip or CLS.
  19. Seems with a topic like this there would be little potential for intelligent debate, considering the lack of evidence to back up almost any opinion. As to my own view, I will have to think about it, as it is very late and my head is in need of sleepy time.
  20. Somehow I get over 9000% (literally, it says this) every day, and I restore like 13% every three seconds. So I'll just start drawing brown everywhere in the bottom. Edit: Going to fix up the /ot/ and draw brown inside the O for a logo.
  21. superson


    The reason Ipods have less memory than advertised is not because of software they put on it (well maybe a tiny bit), it's because they advertise a "gigabyte" as (I believe) 1000 Megabytes, when in reality it is 1024 Megabytes. So your 120 GB Ipod has 120,000 Megabytes, which is actually only about 117GB. I'm not sure if they also say 1 MB is 1000 KB, and 1 KB is 1000 Bytes, but that's the general idea.
  22. I've tried numerous times to have lucid dreams, but I always find it impossible. I can never remain still without moving for 20-30 minutes, and so I usually just give up and then fall asleep regular. <_<
  23. I think it's funny when people who don't like it when gays (usually lesbians, in this case) adopt children, because every child needs a "father figure" in their life. Yet these same people tend not to be so caring when it comes to single mothers.
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