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  1. Hello guys. Recently (yesterday) I bought a new phone, a LG Rumor (from Sprint). I did so in part because it can hold music. I bought the 2G memory card (boy it's small) but I got a set of 2 adapters (bigger one and smaller one) to plug into my computer supposedly. When I came home I looked on my computers and neither one had a spot to put it. One of my computers is a Mac running OSX, but not the new one, bought about 4 years ago (IIRC). It's in the early 10s for the version I think, maybe not even 10.2 (not sure, someone is currently sleeping in the room that it's in). My other computer is a Toshiba laptop, bought about 3 years ago (IIRC again). I'm not sure if this is the model or not, but on the bottom of the computer it says 'Satellite M30X'. While my music is on my Mac, hooking the phone up to the PC wouldn't be a problem as I can transfer files easily from my Mac to my PC. Where would I insert this card adapter into my PC? I think it's the standard card for memory things. Do I need to buy a seperate card reader? (not a big deal, only 8 dollars on Amazon). Secondly, I know that my phone uses bluetooth. My friend has a new Mac, within a year old and it has bluetooth capabilities. He hooked up to my phone and showed me how he could transfer files. When I went onto my Mac and tried, I searched for Bluetooth but it said it wasn't properly updated. When I ran the update it said I needed 10.2.8 =S. On my PC, I couldn't find bluetooth anywhere. If I have it, where might it be? Thanks for your help, TIF.
  2. personally i find the paintings brilliant, but it tok me some time to get over the omfg its period blood, but if it was just normal blood would the paintings be so disgusting? I dont think so but again personal opinion. I agree. If it had been blood from some dude's arm, that he cut himself and drained, half the people in here would be like "Cool" or think it wasn't gross at all. Although at first though I DID think it was gross, for some reason period blood just seems grosser then other blood.
  3. I was about to remove some innapropriate langugage and a nazi symbol, but it was removed as I was zooming in. Good job guys =)
  4. I totally agree about going to a shelter... I don't know if dogs bred by a breeder will necessarily live any longer, and if you get a dog from the shelter you can feel good that you're saving it's life. Also I've noticed that dogs from the shelter were often abused in their 'last life' and are eternally grateful to you for not doing it. I've also noticed that if you get a purebred dog, it may get 'spoiled' if you treat it perfect it's entire life. Shelter dogs won't do that, because even in the shelter while they weren't mistreated they couldn't get individual love and care.
  5. I'm pretty sure you have to get at least one piece of rune or dhide on a level 3 clue.
  6. I'm taking AP Government next year (AP Euro is for nubs Jesse) and AP Math Methods I. Going into 10th grade.
  7. There might be a link between those two things... :P
  8. Don't fix what isn't broken.
  9. Actually, the topic is abut the NFL, and therefore about football. So fail. (sorry for the double post I think this is)
  10. That's why College football is better.
  11. Yay \ Hey Mcneil,whats the capital of Thailand? Um.. Beijing.. duh.
  12. There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public. She's not doing it to show people her breast, she's doing it to feed her baby. You shouldn't be looking or paying them attention for it.
  13. Soda is dirt cheap to them I'm pretty sure. You could refill it until your bladder burst and they'd still make a profit on the price of one cup.
  14. I got the same as you did, Hoff. Don't want to copy and post the image bleh.
  15. Thanks Urbestfriend! Learn something new every day I guess :D
  16. I don't know if it's a phobia, but I do have a fear of doing things that might embarrass myself or end with me failing. This has held me back from doing things that looking back on I probably should have.
  17. Hey Tip-it... It's been a while. Anyway, yesterday I asked a girl who I've like for a while out, and she called me later and said yes. I really do like her, but this is the first time I've ever gone out with somebody. I think she has gone out with 3 guys in the past. She isn't exactly timid but I get the feeling that she expects me to do all the things a 'good' boyfriend should and won't break social trends if I'm doing something wrong to correct me. I'm not uncomfortable around her, but we always hang out in a group setting and I feel like I don't want to do anything that might embarrass her in front of our friends. What kinds of things are like socially correct to do around someone you've only been going out with for a little while. I feel like I'm not doing the things I should be but she is not going to tell me because it is supposed to be my responsibility. I asked her to let me know if I'm not doing anything I should be or doing something wrong and she said OK, but I'm not sure she really will. All my friends are like 'how far have you gotten with her?' but I don't see how important that is, I mean we haven't kissed yet, but we've only been going out for a day. Most of my guy friends seem to think it's super important to 'do' things with a girl if you're going out and they think it's odd that I haven't already gotten to 1st base after a day. So Tip.it, what should I be doing for her and what should I be extra careful not to do? Any advice helps, =)
  18. Fail story is fail. I don't believe in ghosts.
  19. One does not simply shoop da whoop into Mordor.
  20. I did the stupidest thing yesterday. Saw the update and went online thinking, oh well, with this new mask nobody will want slayer mask, so I sold and to my surprise it sold at max instantly. Luckily it isn't a big deal because I barely play anymore and that isn't really too much money, but I kind of felt stupid anyway :oops:
  21. Same thing, but on the internet, with Ron Paul.
  22. If you're going to be like Muggi used to do, just get the hell out of here. Door is --->
  23. Back in mah day, you was lucky to sell yews for 240 each! Quit yer whining, boy!
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