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I was wondering did zizima beat N0valyfe to 99 construct cuese i thiught


N0valfe was like 7 lvl ahead of zizima did zezimz atauly catch up and beat him :-({|=






I was wondering, did Zezima beat N0valyfe to 99 construction because I thought N0valyfe was like 7 levels ahead of Zezima. Did Zezima actually catch up and beat him? (We don't need Mr. Violin)






Oh yes google I can't understand.




But the best I can transalate:


zizimi wz mayb 1 of du 1t pcz noflye cught up to mezizazm




Zezima wz (win?) maybe 1 of du :?: 1(?) pcz(?) N0valyfe caught up to Zezima.

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No, Zezima didn't catch up to N0valyfe. N0va got to 99 cons. first and Zezima got it a little bit later, N0valyfe was #1 for a couple days before Zezima caught up.

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