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  1. Well I haven't done hero's quest, so count that out. I just got members so I am a TOTAL noob :S
  2. Nono, but you can go to ANY slayer master right?
  3. Do you get anything after returning to your slayer master once finished a task? Where is the best place to kill Ice Giants?[/i]
  4. What is their PROPER cost, how much better are they than maple, how are they obtained? Also is there such thing as maple comp bow?
  5. After the new prayers came out, has the max hit of the fire blast gone up at all? I'm sure this was asked and answered hundreds of times at the update, but I was on vacation, so could anybody fill me in?
  6. Firstly rares SHOULD NOT be taken out of the rs economy, because since it is such a huge part of said economy it would cause for a recession in the world of runescape. A recession that could only be brough out of by bringing back the tradeable rares. Face it, the rares have kept the economy stable thusfar, sure it is at risk of falling apart, but for the time being the extreme prices of party hats have enabled the prices of many other items to stay the same or even become cheaper, thus making it all equal and fair.
  7. Okay so I am in World 15, fishing lobbies in Karamja. So everything is going good until a [bleep] TROOP; honestly an army of autoers comes all at the same time. A line of about 50 autoers, obviously all from the same computer, comes marching down to Karamja. Thusfar rules broken: 1) Macroing 2) Multi-logging Okay so these guys are ferocious fishers, eating up all the lobbies and none of us actually get any lobbies. So I say switch worlds, screw it I don't mind. I go to World 3, figuring there would be a bunch of people there but no autoers (they tend to stick to worlds with less people). So this is going to be better right? WRONG! There are four level threes at one spot fishing, so I individually call them out, see if they respond, a test I usually do to see if they are autoing. NONE of them respond, so I figure they are all autoing, then low and behold YET ANOTHER army of autoers comes marching along, this time only about 10 but still breaking those two rules seen up there^^. Guys, this has gotten out of control, Runescape is losing it's fun and something needs to be done. Sign the petition and TRY to make a difference, because macroing should be downright ILLEGAL, and should not be tolerated in the least bit. There needs to be a system in runescape that detects and third party clients and IMMEDIATELY shuts down and permanently bans that account for 1 week, and if a third party client ever shows up from that IP again, that IP will be banned completely! This is serious, I know, but I am fed the [bleep] up with this!
  8. I have to say, many people do it because they are bored with their mains. Because they want the attention of people coming up to you and asking you how you are mining rune or cutting magic logs when you are only level 3. Simply put, I find it entirely useless, because even if the level of the account is a noob, the user is not a noob one bit. You can never be a noob at this game again, and I am sorry but that is a fact. Do not TRY to make a new account to think it will be the same challenge as you encountered during your first account, it is just simply not the same. Pure skillers are done because people are bored, but in my eyes it is a waste of experience.
  9. My goal is to screenie every piece of rune item in the gen shop, found quite a few including plate, legs, and kite.
  10. 31k bronze arrows, 2k steel, full green dhide, maple shortbow, power ammy.
  11. Me with a level 99 smither (2nd in smithing too!!)
  12. not funny but cool A pic of me with the person who's second in smithin:
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