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I don't play RS anymore, but I will make signatures for people. I can do C4D if you're interested but I like to stick to smudge. Some older examples of my work.




















If you're interested in a signature, please specify:




Text - Main text, sublines




Render - Image to be used.




Style - C4D, smudge, vector etc.




Without sounding too arrogant I'm not an amateur signature maker :? but please make my job easier by filling out the above, thanks.

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Style:Same as the fourth one down.






Thanx in advance.

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wow, this is very generous of you...i'd like one too.




Text - Somaster989; subline: RuneScape f2p player




Font: http://www.dafont.com/a-charming-font.font




Render - http://www.render-world.com/gallery/dis ... 1&pos=1001




Style - C4D preferably, but if something else might look cooler...use that instead.



Acinonyx jubatus - binomial nomenclature for Cheetah!

10th grade OVER!!!

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1)Render/Image -






2) Colors -


bright blue/white


Something so it looks like the helo is flying rather fast, and maybe a flame from one of the anit-tank missile pods.




3) Style -


Decide yourself what will look the best




4) Text -


Main text- Sebbeberg


Font - http://www.dafont.com/stencilcase.font


I'd like the text in yellow, same yellow as on the helo.






OKey, i made my own form, but it isn't too much eh? =P~

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