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Mounting fish in poh


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I am at the lvl to mount a swordfish in my house so I went fishing in hopes to catch one that I can mount. So far I've cought about 500 swordies and none of them look special or anything. Am I doing something wrong?! Man is fishing boring. :?



I'm always buying snapdragon seeds, name your price.

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You'll definately know when you get one. Fish them the normal way and eventually you'll catch a larger one that isn't tradable. If you toss them into your bank without cooking them too, it'll pop up as a different item too.


don't worry, you are going to "hell" anyway. wanna race to see who gets there first?

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just keep fishing


Classic Nemo line. :P


It took me about 450+ swordies and around double that in tunas - you'll eventually get it, and when you do, you'll know.

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