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  1. I'd have to say that Tutorial Island was a load of cabbage from the get-go. All it did was teach new Miniclip players that the game will give them free handouts of everything they need - hence the huge [bleep]e in beggars and general laziness/idiocy among the community. At least with the new tutorial they learn that you actually need to do some things on your own instead of asking everyone for phree st00f.
  2. I will probably level hunting a bit and possibly sell my dragon items. I want to get summoning to at least 50 as soon as possible.
  3. I love how you ignore the fact that the Assist system is horrifically limited.
  4. You obviously haven't played much WoW. First of all, you get honor points when you kill another player, which is used to buy PvP gear. Secondly, you're not "forced" to do any PvE to get PvP gear - the best PvP gear is gained by actually participating in PvP. Also, you really wouldn't want to sell any of those items, as you can make much more money from professions. /owned. Don't try and seem like a smartass when there's people ready and willing to shoot you down. It was done with ease, I might add. Anyway, back on topic. I agree with RS being dead. We've moved on to a game where you really can't do much player-to-player interaction. You can only trade within a certain limit, kill each other in designated areas, and click on whatever catches your fancy. The GE controls (or at least will soon control) the economy, as all prices will be based off of it. I'll play on my RSC account, luckily I can still log onto it. At least there I can PK in a non-[developmentally delayed]ed way.
  5. So the lesser of evils is to completely destroy many aspects of RS that actually made it unique in comparison to other MMOs? Makes sense to me. Jagex, read a goddamn book.
  6. If you need any RSC pictures just PM me, I'll go log on and take screenies :)
  7. Well said, and I've been trying to make this point for a while on other forums. By they way....WoW is only USD$15, not $20. Just a little thing I picked up on.
  8. zach312


    Good maxim, but doesn't really help all that much sometimes. My best friend found out he had diabetes at age 13. Type 2 - which means his pancreas basically said "Screw this!" and died. Not only that, he's probably the most fit person I know, before the diabetes hit and especially now. I remember one day he went to pee about 10 times in 5 hours, I forced him to get to the nurse and they sent him home. He was in the hospital for 4 days because his blood sugar was so amazingly high. He's okay now, he has a pump constantly putting insulin into his bloodstream. It's useful to everybody too, because the pump has the time on it, so we know what time it is :thumbsup:
  9. I'm only going for Coheed & Cambria and Killswitch Engage; the rest of the lineup makes me want to knit sweaters, where knit = eat and sweaters = babies.
  10. NUMA IS MY [bleep]ING HERO. You're my new best friend. Only the true men wipe their [wagon] with bacon.
  11. [hide] I actually cried a bit when Fred, Lupin, and Tonks died. Not gonna lie. Also I nearly pooed myself when they were all in the Malfoy house, I really thought Hermione was one dead [bleep].[/hide] Agreed on all points, nerdattack.
  12. Should be easier to get my mace now, I've always wanted a Void Knight mace but I hate staying at PC for days. This should be more fun, hopefully.
  13. If you remember choosing your character "class"...I was a wizard or mage, forgot what it was called exactly.
  14. Are they like other metal dragons, in that you can stay at a safe distance and they'll only sue fire breath?
  15. 1m experience in Magic, please. 1m cash is freakin pocket change for me now.
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