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  1. Here's a larger picture showing the coordinate itself, the spot to stand at, and a north-aligned map. http://img861.imageshack.us/img861/6455/1620n1245e.png
  2. I wouldn't be so sure about that. At least in the American Northeast (Pennsylvania to be specific, in my case), Runescape.com and the Runescape client appear to be inaccessible. They are for me, anyways.
  3. As many people will say, while the Patent system is necessary, it's woefully underdeveloped when it comes to software patents. There are far too many ways for a general statement to perform the same action. Patents for mechanical devices or designs require a rough blueprint included with the patent - with which, there really is only one way to design it although with multiple ways to present it (think front loading washer vs top loading washer). With software patents, not only are there multiple ways to perform the same function, there's the multiple coding languages to put it in too. The main problem with this is the youth of the consumer computer system. It was only 15 years ago that Windows 95 was released - the first of many user friendly operating systems and one of the first to include internet functionality as well. The more patent trolls that get killed like this, the closer the system will get to reform and the less we'll have to deal with this. All we can really do at this point is support the companies fighting the trolls, assuming the patents they're fighting really are vague and trollish in nature. While I can understand the patent when it was first released, after a while, such ideas become such common and necessary that enforcement of them will stifle more creativity than they create... ... Dang it, I'm preaching to a crowd that probably doesn't care. Good job JaGeX for not giving up like Microsoft did. While it's a shame, as was said, that the US doesn't have frivolous prosecution statutes, the reason behind this, I'm sure, is to prevent people from counter-suing frivolously in turn. That, of course, is not to say we don't have malicious prosecution statutes, which is something completely different.
  4. My skin: http://minecraft.net/skin/skin.jsp?user=darkblade986 Best way to find a skin is to make it yourself. Google up a reference model of what you want to build and take your time. Much more satisfying than just downloading one. As for the height of the Nether, I believe it's the same height floor to ceiling as a regular map; only difference is that Nether's ceiling is solid bedrock as oppose to sky.
  5. I get what you're saying, but still. Consider the Novac gift store has a storage closet that lets off 1RAD/sec alone and you can probably see why some of the houses would be boarded up (admittedly, that closet was filled with radioactive material). Who knows - Fallout 3 got an expansion pack, so those boarded up houses could be used if/when F:NV gets its expansion to hold new characters. Though this game really earns its M rating when you consider how much innuendo there is with Confirmed Bachelor on a male character (and I can only imagine what it's like with Lady Killer on a female). Confirmed Bachelor and Lady Killer are ridiculously helpful though - helps you get around many challenges*, and you can have them both by Level 4 if you really pushed for it. *Taking the "Come Fly with Me" quest as an example (the one where Manny in Novac has you investigate the RETCONN facility), you can get the information to continue the main storyline with Confirmed Bachelor, leaving Come Fly with Me as optional. Alternatively, when you have to pay Old Lady Gibson 500 caps to obtain the launch module, a Barter check can get that down to 250 but Lady Killer makes that free. (Of course, Pickpocketing her does the exact same thing). Did I mention I got way too much pleasure out of Boone's side quest? Cause I got way too much pleasure out of Boone's side quest. *beret* *blamo* :blink: *Ahem* I suppose we should've had a Spoiler warning going at some point at this rate. EDIT: Regarding the Pack Rat perk, also realize that each companion you have with you effectively works as a pack mule as well.
  6. @Above - you have to remember we're talking about a game about a life born from a nuclear fallout (pun obviously intended to the fullest). You can't access those buildings because no one has gotten around to rebuilding them. It's a convenient out for the developers to not overly detail their cities, but it's also reasonably accurate. At this point, I'm avoiding Sloan because of the deathclaws. Even with 10 END, I'm running a Melee Weapon character. They tear me apart. Now then - it's STORY TIME! Seriously, if you're not taking a Legion-heavy storyline, you will want Boone as a companion. Even if you don't upgrade his weaponry, take him with you. He'll help ridiculously. Case in point: I have Boone and ED-E as companions and I take them into the HELIOS One powerplant, fully intending to redirect the power (in some way). I get to the part where I have to disable an automated security system. This system consists of turrets and robots with energy weapons. As I'm reaching the terminal to disable them, the camera does its kill-cam shift and I see one of the robots falling over with its headpiece blown COMPLETELY OFF. I'm not talking just knocked off, it's shattered. Score 1 for Boone's stock rifle.
  7. Yes, the outside world may think of Runescape as "farmland," but when that farmland is self-sustaining, the inhabitants don't give a care about it. I would say we aren't "farmland," necessarily as much as we are a rising power. I was wondering where we were hidden on that map. I saw it when it was released, but couldn't find the larger version of it to get the details.
  8. Monster that dropped Clue: Steel Dragon Level of Clue (If 100% known): Elite Clue Hint (With picture): Compass Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Level 23 east Wilderness, along river separating Clan Wars from Daemonheim http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/723/compasslv23wildyeastcla.png Additional information if needed: Clue Hint (With picture): Compass Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Mort'ton, center of the Southern Crossroads just north of Burgh De Rott http://img686.imageshack.us/img686/3091/compassmorttoncrossroad.png Additional information if needed: Clue Hint (With picture): Compass Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Just outside the Rellekka Mountain Camp, northwest of the Slayer Cave http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/9599/compassoutsiderellekkam.png Additional information if needed: Clue Hint (With picture): Orb, Dorgesh-Kaan, 16 paces Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Southeast of city, east of Wire Machine http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/5277/orbdorgeshkaaneastwirem.png Additional information if needed: Think you might have this one already, but adding "East of Wire Machine" might be helpful
  9. Monster that dropped Clue: Desert Strykewyrm Level of Clue (If 100% known): Elite Clue Hint (With picture): Compass Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Outside Falador walls, northeast corner. http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/7571/compassoutsitefaladorno.png Additional information if needed: Just a bit east of the Grapple shortcut and the "Ruined Runes" place Clue Hint (With picture): Compass Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Port Sarim jail, 2 steps south through the North door http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/9631/compassportsarimjail.png Additional information if needed: Clue Hint (With picture): Orb, "Haunted Woods, 11 paces" Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Just west of the Werewolf Agility Course, outside of Canifis to the southeast of the Bank http://img638.imageshack.us/f/orbhauntedwoodswestagil.png/ Additional information if needed:
  10. Monster that dropped Clue: Iron Dragon Level of Clue (If 100% known): Elite Clue Hint (With picture): Orb, "within Varrock Walls, 16 paces" Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Southwest Varrock, West of Apothecary inside the guard house. http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/7949/compassscrollvarrocksou.png Additional information if needed: Quick way to tell if this is your scroll is to teleport to the Grand Exchange. Arrow will be pointing almost vertically south. Clue Hint (With picture): Compass Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Moss Giant Island, west of Brimhaven http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/9898/compassscrollbrimhavenm.png Additional information if needed: Arrow points just slightly north of horizontal when teleporting to Amulet of Glory - Karamja Clue Hint (With picture): Orb, "dark of Lumbridge Caves, ? paces" Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Immediately beside the rope entrance to the Caves http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/5571/orbscanscrolllumbridgec.png Additional information if needed: Spiny helmet / Slayer helm(s) helpful for traveling through caves Random tidbit - Meerkat pouches are extremely helpful, even if people say they aren't. By being all of a Sextant, Compass, Chart, and Spade but not as an item, Wilderness scrolls are a little safer to do, as you'll be able to safely 3-item around. The pouches also save on any difficulty with wizards. Zamorak wizards (wildy 3+) are cake and could be handled with fists + prayer, but for Hard and Elite scrolls, a Meerkat is extremely helpful in avoiding Saradomin and Guthix wizards. Considering they currently cost 2.5k (and the scrolls not much at all anyways), Hard and Elite scrolls will easily pay for the pouches. Elite scrolls may take long enough as to require a second pouch, but Hard scrolls can almost always be done in 1.
  11. Doing While Guthix Sleeps at the moment. When I got to the part about administering the enriched truth serum, in expecting to have to give all 3 choices, I offered it to him as juice first. To my surprise, he willingly took it. From there, when I asked about Movario, he began to tell me off, "*gulp*"ed, and immediately broke out in confession. In short, either Juice works first thing now, or you don't need to do all 3 choices anymore. Also, for the thermometer part, are you 100% sure it's random? Before looking at the thermometer, my weight was 49kg. Through fluke or something else, the thermometer came up as 49 as well. Other notes so far: 4: Thaerisk does aid in the killing. He was casting what appeared to be Earth Wave. 29: The snapdragon seed he will sell you appears to be priced at 75% of the current GE price. When I bought it, GE was showing 54.5k and he offered to sell it to me for 40,878gp. Math on that is convincingly close to 75%. 37: Mentioning where the 3 Warrior's Guild folks are within the guild would be nice. Ghommal (front door) and Harrallack (main lobby) were easy, but Sloane was a little difficult for me to find at first (he's hiding outside the Shot Put area, past the heavy gate). 39: Both your guide and the Bestiary entry fail to mention that the 3 pieces of armor you need are 100% drops (and the only drops) when you kill them at this stage, albeit 1 piece at a time. *edit see below* To me, anyways, it sounded like you have to camp them out and hope they eventually drop the pieces, rather than getting them immediately every time at first. EDIT: Regarding the following 2 "confirmation" requests from the submission index. I apologize for not having any pictures, but I hope my crew experience can give my statements a little more trust. http://forum.tip.it/topic/214628-while-guthix-sleeps/ It is indeed the 138s that will drop the 3 pieces 100% one after the other. I killed them only and that's what they dropped. No secondary drops, just the armor pieces. http://forum.tip.it/topic/263645-tai-bwo-wannai-trio-and-while-guthix-sleeps/ The guard I talked to was one of the attackable ones directly north of the arena (he was in the house in the middle with 2 doors, one on the west and one on the south). He mentioned correctly as the guide says. EDIT2: Regarding that third submission, about using a familiar for the final fight. It's unnecessary. It should be noticed that you can hide behind the Stone of Jas, similar to hiding behind the pillars for Nomad. Heal up, then go back out and continue the smackdown. From there, the Tormented Demons are easy, as not only are your combat stats boosted to 255, but your Life Points get cranked to 2550 as well (the equivalent of 255 Constitution, even though that doesn't increase). If not for your massive defenses, you'd still be sponging up any damages.
  12. Had made most of these notes based on your old version (the one from about 20 minutes ago). Some of these may have been fixed already and I've tried to remove the ones I noticed you did fix. Assorted grammar corrections asterisked. 2. The Hunt Begins Talking to Gerrant and mentioning that you're looking for a lost animal (or whatever the option is) will tell you about the barrels, at which time, the beginning of the slime trail will appear automatically. 3. Cellar Business **Technically, it was "key" singular, not "keys" plural that he lost. Just saying.** From what I saw, the key typically was in the northeast pile of junk. When I did this, Jessika didn't notice the crack until after I "Investigated" the crack in the wall. 4. Off to Musa Point Korasi actually mentions in one of the next sentences after "talk to the locals" that you should start with the Barkeeper; something about them being fountains of gossip. The Barkeep would then direct you to Shopkeeper Kofi next. **there's a random period between the two paragraphs here** **Last two sentences are butchered a little where they meet. The word "go" could be removed to fix this.** Jessika tells you to meet them at the Chemist as well after talking to the craftsman, a minor detail you didn't add. 5. Chemical Spill **3rd sentence miscapitalized "he"** 6. Threat of Falador In attempting to decide how to open the box, you'll be presented with 3 sets of options of 3 each of different ways to open it. It should be noted that which options you pick won't matter. 7. Time for a Clue Minor detail, but the crate in question can be found in the main room, the one with the shop and the dog sleeping by the fire place. 8. Final Confrontation **"Black Knight Guardian" -- capitalization issues in the last paragraph You left the recommendation of Prayer Potions in the "Items Suggested" bar. EXTRA INFORMATION: Before interviewing workers on the Port Sarim docks, you will interrupt a conversation between Jesskia and Korasi where Jesskia asks about why the Void Knights kill the Pests. You can inquire about this as well, at which time Korasi will give you a book with this information. I haven't read this book myself just yet, but it was there.
  13. Almost universally, it comes down to whether you can do your actions on the run and not interfere with the pace.
  14. http://www.tip.it/runescape/?rs2monster_id=1459 So I understand all of Ihlakhizan's attacks. Problem is that he just keeps murdering me. Specifically, the acid attack routinely damages me for 600+. What is the effective way to kill him or at least to dodge the Acid AoE?
  15. The Falador Diary was not updated with the recent change in Hit Points to Life Points. Specifically, the entry for killing a Skeletal Wyvern cautions against going without an Elemental or Mind Shield as it would otherwise hit in the "50s," which should be updated to "500s."
  16. Boss information based on my experiences with them (have fought everyone up to Lexicus Runewright, each fairly successfully). Gluttonous Behemoth Carcasses will be on either side of him (1 in a solo dungeon, 2 in a group of 2 or more). Make sure at least 1 player is standing between him and these carcasses, or he will heal rapidly. One player between each carcass is enough, so additional players may play it safe and attack him from a distance with Range or Magic, although he does have Range and Magic attacks that can still hit them. Protect from Magic and metal armor is advised. Astea Frostweb Protect from Magic will minimize the amount of time that she will freeze you for, so she can be attacked with melee with only minor difficulties. Range is still far superior. While she's protecting from your current attack style, either change styles or work to kill Spiders to minimize the damage they inflict. Keep spread out, as she cases an Ice Barrage like attack that can hit anyone near her target. Icy Bones Melee attack hits all adjacent players, so try to keep as few players directly adjacent to him as possible. Protect from Melee does not fully protect against his attacks, so it's wise to have 1 player 'distract' him while everyone else attacks him from a far. Will occasionally summon icicles to isolate him from players near him. Range and Magic attacks can still shoot over these. Protect from Range until he gets close, then use Protect from Melee to minimize the damage. Luminescent Icefiend Just keep attacking him. Occasionally will encase himself in Ice for a special attack. Run around continuously to avoid it. Will do this attack one final time with anywhere from 1-20 Life Points left. Protect from Range advised. Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz Use fast melee weapons, or even medium speed weapons, but avoid slow weapons if at all possible. If you have a slow melee weapon, consider finding a faster one, even if it's not as good as you can use. He pushes you often enough that you may not always get an attack in with slower weapons. He is immune to Magic and Range attacks. Protect from Magic and use metal armor. To'Kash the Bloodchiller Will occasionally encase the players in Ice, stopping them from attacking or moving. When he attacks a player encased in this ice, they will be broken free, but take damage. That player should then run around and break their partners free, who won't take damage when freed by a player. Is a demon, so Magic attacks supposedly are more effective against him. Skeletal Horde Bring Magic or Range. Stay near the Divine Skinweaver, who will heal you quite quickly. You should still use Protect from Magic or Protect from Range, depending on which type is being used most by the Skeletons, as the Skinweaver can't heal you fast enough sometimes. The Skinweaver will eventually tell you the tunnels are weak, at which point, one player should run out, collapse a tunnel, and return to the Skinweaver. Geomancer Shaman Will occasionally disable your prayers, and may bind you then teleport. Protect from Magic minimizes this, when you can use it, allowing him to be Meleed effectively, especially with a group, when he can only cast his bind on one player at a time. The bind doesn't last very long, regardless. Bulwark Beast Can only be damaged at first with a Pick Axe. After so much damage, he can be affected by other weapons. Better Pick Axes do more damage, so get the best you can. Protect from Magic with metal armor. Unholy Cursebearer Protect from Magic and metal armor. Just continue to attack him, and if your stats get too low, go ahead and pray at the unholy altar. He does not regain too many Life Points when you do this. Will cast a fungus on you, which is similar to poison, except that praying at the unholy altars are the only way to remove it. Hits for approximately 1/10th of your Life Points at its worst. Rammernaut Bring Magic. Continue running around, so that he cannot get more than 1 shot off on you at a time. He will die fairly quickly. Has a melee attack where he spins around and hits everyone around him, and has another one where he charges at an enemy, moving them aside and stunning them. Stomp Attack him, then collect the crystals from amidst the debris he drops (he will do this each time he loses approximately 1/3rd of his Life Points) If he blocks one of the Lodestones with the debris, hold on to the Crystals, as that same color will be used the next time the Lodestones are available. Then stand by the Lodestones while you damage him more, until he activates them again. Place them quickly before he has a chance to drop more debris to block them. Each time you fail to activate the Lodestones, he will heal by 1/3rd to his previous 'stage' of Life Points. Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter Will spawn area attacks of Fire and Miasmic (Ancient Magic). Simply run outside of the area he cover to minimize the damage (can hit you twice - 1 for 1/20th of your max Life points, and again for 1/10th of it. Guaranteed damage, always the same value). Is a demon, so Magic attacks supposedly are more effective. Lexicus Runewright Avoid attacking him with Melee, as damage you inflict will be reflected back to you slightly. Use Range instead - any kind, even Novite if that's what you must use. You shouldn't need much more than 75 arrows to kill him, but making more can be good as a precaution. Protect Magic and make sure that the instant he summons Books (using his "Almanac Army" attack) that you kill them quickly. They only have 10 Life Points each, but they can inflict severe damage (think Rat Swarm in DnD - lots of weak things can still hurt). When he calls for "Book Barrage," run! It doesn't matter where, so long as you aren't standing near where you just were. He will summon books that explode near where you were for massive damage, and if multiple books explode near you, they will each inflict damage (summons about 3-4 books for this at once). TheLeonardo edit: I striked the text that will be in the guide to make it easier on me.
  17. To save topic space, I also have something that could be added to the section on Curses, specifically the deflect prayers. It should be noted that the drain rate on these curses is SIGNIFICANTLY less than their regular Protect counterpart. I did a little test a little bit ago with my Protect from Melee prayer and it took roughly 1:55 for all 73 of my Prayer Points to fade (+0 Prayer Bonus, no equipment, ensured it was max by praying at an Altar in my house). However, after performing the same test on Deflect Melee, it took a full 3:40 for those same 73 Prayer Points (with the exact same set up) to fade - nearly twice as long. I haven't tested the other curses, but I would imagine they have a similar decrease in drain rate as opposed to their prayer counterparts. So Noted.
  18. This quest actually served to give a plausible wait time now for any further advancement in the quest line. After Mourning's End II, we had nothing more to do except research, which was left to the elves and Thourgal. Now something happened and we were called back into action to do some more in depth research. We've done our research and discovered that the city is a Crystal and is inaccessible behind a tunnel collapse which we cannot pass until the Dwarves clear it. Now we're waiting on the Dwarves to clear out a tunnel filled with Elven magic which will more than likely cause several more collapses to delay the progress of the Dwarves right up to the point where Jagex is ready to say "Ok, it's time for the final quest." Disregarding the plausible wait time, this also helped to tie in several loose ends that had been sitting around for a while, mainly "Where is Prifddinas?" which we now know has been reduced to a crystal. We also now know that the temple was, in fact, a gateway to the city under the Arrandar Mountains that also served as a very complex lock to keep out intruders. A simple gate with 2 watchelves overlooking the Arrandar pass seems rather low tech for elves. A complex temple that can be locked down with the twist of a mirror would be a much more effective lock, not to mention the magic needed to access this all. I really don't think this quest was designed to further the quest line, necessarily. It was simply designed to tie up loose ends that have been loose for far too long. It also hints at the fact that we may be the first crystal-chanting Human. Recall that Arianwyn mentioned we just needed to chant to get the crystal to charge, not necessarily to give it shape. However, when we chanted, the crystal didn't change shape like Arianwyn seemed to expect. It also seemed to indicate we may have a weapon against the Mourners with our untrained chanting voices, even if our character doesn't realize it yet.
  19. So I've yet to go and find Bork, so I have a few questions. 1) My standard melee equipment outfit is Helm of Neitiznot, Amulet of Fury, Abyssal Whip, Crystal Shield, Granite Platebody, Dragon Platelegs, Barrow Gloves, and Dragon Boots (stats in sig). Is this sufficient to do Protect from Magic, or should I wear Black Dragonhide and protect melee? Would a single Prayer Potion and 10 Monk Fish be sufficient to kill him with? 2) I'm hunting Bork primarily for the Odd Old Man's second wish list. Is the Femur a 100% drop or is there a chance that I'll have to go fight him a couple times, or is it common enough to essentially be 100%? (I do realize the Bestiary has it, but most of these higher level monsters on the list drop them in the first drop for me). 3) What roughly are Bork's, the Ork Legion's, and Surok's max hits?
  20. If it isn't that, I'd think it's something from the V-Rally series.
  21. For the Farming Calculator/Planner (and I'm sure there's others that can benefit from similar additions), could fields be added for combined Plant/Check/Pick XP of a plant for those with a fixed number of pickable items? This would assume you plant an item, check it's health (if you can), and pick any fruits from it (4 from bushes, 6 from fruit trees). I have the values calculated already, so it'd just be a matter of adding them. Item - Level - XP Bushes (Plant + Check + Pick x4) Plant/Check/Pick Redberries - 10 - 88.5 Plant/Check/Pick Cadavaberries - 22 - 148.5 Plant/Check/Pick Dwellberries - 36 - 256.6 Plant/Check/Pick Jangerberries - 48 - 411 Plant/Check/Pick Whiteberries - 59 - 631 Plant/Check/Pick Poison Ivy - 70 - 974 Flowers (Plant + Pick*) Plant/Pick Marigold - 2 - 55.5 Plant/Pick Rosemary - 11 - 79 Plant/Pick Nasturtium - 24 - 131 Plant/Pick Woad - 25 - 136 Plant/Pick Limpwurt - 26 - 141 Fruit Trees (Plant + Check + Pick x6) Plant/Check/Pick Apple Tree - 27 - 1272 Plant/Check/Pick Banana Tree - 33 - 1841.5 Plant/Check/Pick Orange Tree - 39 - 2586 Plant/Check/Pick Curry Leaf - 42 - 3037 Plant/Check/Pick Pineapple Tree - 51 - 4797.5 Plant/Check/Pick Papaya Tree - 57 - 6381 Plant/Check/Pick Palm Tree - 68 - 10460 Trees (Plant + Check) Plant/Check Oak Tree - 15 - 485.5 Plant/Check Willow Tree - 30 - 1481.5 Plant/Check Maple Tree - 45 - 3448 Plant/Check Yew Tree - 60 - 7150.5 Plant/Check Magic Tree - 75 - 13914 *I'm aware you usually get 3 items from picking, but as far as I knew, you only get the XP once, so there isn't a multiplication included there like the others.
  22. Not sure if anyone noticed this, but on Zombie Verrduct, there's a group of 11 numbers rather prominently written in blood on the wall of the butcher shop (right side of the map, room just after Speed Cola but just before the Power Room). Anyone have any idea if those numbers mean anything? I have my playstation packed away for moving, so I can get the numbers later and post them if anyone can't find them (shouldn't be too hard though).
  23. re: underground glitches - Bullets and explosion radii do go underground. If your bullet is lined up with a person who is underground and you shoot, you can kill them. I tried it once before (offline split-screen) back when you could get underground on that one wall on Courtyard, and I did manage to get the kill. It's just ridiculously hard to hit them because of you firing blind. re: camping - it's a valid strategy. Why do people complain about it? If you can't kill someone who isn't moving, that's your problem. Either shoot them first or attack them from a different angle. Full-frontal assaults will rarely work. Something I ended up finding yesterday: In the Zombie Asylum, when you have the mystery box moved to the room just outside the power room the area with the Trench Gun and the STG44, it's possible to access (open and take weapons from) the box from outside that window on the backside of it on the balcony. Makes the electroshock therapy method a little better if you get lucky and have the box right there.
  24. I've never gotten advertisements like that (and I agree, pop-up/expanding ads are annoying). Most of mine are cooperative and stay in the bar. I believe you can report advertisements like that that misbehave and cause a great disturbance to you. Was this a pop-up advertisement or was this an expanding advertisement bar? If it's the bar, then some of them are designed to do that typically when you hover your mouse over it, even if you're just passing by it to get to the link. If it's a pop-up, then if Jagex is right, it's probably adware or spyware. A quick search through the knowledge base (see point 8) states that their advertisers are instructed not to use pop-ups, which means it's likely something that snuck onto your system from another website. Just keep your mouse off of the add and you'll be fine. Is it really that big of a deal? Some of us use bookmarks for Runescape.com. In that case, the advertisement is right along the straight line between the Bookmark/Favorites menu and the play buttons, which means we probably slide the cursor over that advertisement without even thinking about it.
  25. Ack... I've seen that game before but I don't remember it's name. I'm pretty sure it's for the Wii, though, (if not, it's an XBOX360 downloadable; I can't remember which) if that helps anyone.
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