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http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=453542&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=45There's the topic, of "How I lost my whip..." :cry: Sad... But, I do have 3.3M now \' Well, if you get scammed like I did, You can drop the items, tele to Fally, or Edge, pick them back up =D> For example, if they give you 3 DB axes, that's a free 450k! (You might need to look at the old topic I made to understand




Here's the topic






*Deep breath* So... I was 3 iteming in the wild, whip, desert boots, and cooking gaunts. I was checking out the new teleport devices. I met a pker, he knew I was 3 iteming, so we talked. I trusted him. I was teleporting around. He soon said he had something to give me. I unwisely took the items. (Not saying so people don't get ideas) and he immediently pked me. I got the 3 items he gave me. I didn't have my whip :cry: I'm on my way of getting 70 fletching now. After that, I should be able to get my whip back soon. :?





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how can you drop one of the b axes when they note it.... :o


DK Drops: 65 Rings, 9 Muds, 44 Axes, 8 Seers

Dragon Drops : 2 Chains, 2 Legs, 2 Skirts, 9 Meds, 6 Halves, 1 Spear, 20 Axes, 9 Boots

God Wars Drops : 3 B Hilts, 1 Z Hilt, 3 B Boots, 1 A Skirt, 1 A Chest, 4 B Tops, 1 B Tasset, 1 Steam, 7 Shards

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bring an alch along with you, and right as you accept the trade...boom..alch it


lol i havent thought of that


he has a phat just cause he is a p mod, now shut up about it
you're right, it's like giving candy to a fat kid and punch him when he eats it
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