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  1. Yes and no. Runescape is a game that is extremely time intensive. At some point, you get to an age where you literally don't have much time for anything. You are kind of forced into being too old for it...
  2. Cool? There is likely a better word to describe these people...
  3. This whole argument is ridiculous, and I feel like I'm getting involved in my son's "whose dad can beat up whose dad" arguments. Comparing the ethical decisions of someone playing a game to other ethical decisions they would make in real life situations is ridiculous. Take for instance the gameshow "Take it all" or "Golden Balls" or "Friend or Foe". In this game, you elect to share the money with your opponent, or steal the money from your opponent. Does that mean that anyone choosing to steal would be inclined to steal from any person? What doesn't correlate to runescape in said previous example is the fact that the decision is part of the game. But by the design of Runescape, players are geared towards botting. Runescape isn't a game that most people will enjoy start to finish. There is the start, at which point everything is fun, there is the middle, where I would say 90% of your game lifetime is spent, and there is the end game. Runescape is a game with 1000's or hours of gameplay, however only a small percentage of that gameplay is unique. To sum it all up, I don't think anyone is saying they enjoy botters or that it isn't a negative impact on the game. However I feel most of us can sympathize with botters. Ultimately the blame falls on Jagex. It is their job to regulate the game, and they have done a pretty piss poor job at it.
  4. This post intrigues me. Why exactly does it matter where this post goes?
  5. I think you are overly sensitive.
  6. I'm going to be honest. I have no problem with bots. I do have a problem with 100's of bots at one training spot. Fix that, and you solved the problem. If RandoJoe85 is botting at GE, and I can't tell...I don't care. If xznoregretz is botting at castlewars to trim his pretty cape, I don't care. Frankly...I just don't care.
  7. I just think the whole idea is dumb. Even if you enjoyed castle wars, it would take someone special to want to play 5000 games. I could probably play 3 games straight before I would want to do something else, and I would be willing to bet I wouldn't be too far off to say the rest of the world probably shares a similar opinion. If someone wants that cape, I can honestly not fault them for botting. Forcing people to sit in front of a computer screen for 2000 hours just to get an achievement raises my ethic's flag. Botting is not so much a fault of the user as it is a fault of the game. I've brought this up many times in previous threads, but there is too much shit in runescape that you must grind through in order to enjoy the game. Remove these aspects of the game, make a fun means of money making, and you will reduce both botting and RWTing.
  8. Well let me spin this full circle then. Many of the arguments against RWT is the fact that it creates an unfair advantage for those who are more rich/successful in the real world. Are you suggesting that those who have more time to play this game have an unfair advantage? The problem with Runescape is that everything is exponential, except for xp/hr and gp/hr. This creates the grind that we all know and love. This is fine for your average 12-16 year old who has all the time in the world to waste their life in front of a computer screen. The rest of us aren't as time rich, however. With that said, and I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I am a young engineer with a very lucrative job and career. I could spend 200hr on runescape trying to obtain my goal, or I could use the money that earn from my job, which is earned in 2 hours. For this very reason, I understand why people bot and rwt. I just want some armor. I would understand if the process of getting that armor is fun like it is many other games, but that just isn't the case in runescape.
  9. I guess we can all agree it should be! I personally find it insane to have to grind 200 hours to achieve an armour set ingame, people who said "just" 200 hours seem to be able to play 10 a day and even like that it will take almost a month to get. I really really doubt the avg scaper plays that much Just playing 5 hours a days is pretty much and like that you're looking at yourself gathering GP for what.. 2 months straight? Doesnt sound like fun Who has time to play 5 hours a day? I can get in maybe an hour or two every couple of days....
  10. Not sure if this a tongue in cheek remark or not. Everything you do in the game should be fun. That is why it's a game. Runescape has become more of a job for most...
  11. Jagex introduced microtransactions because they could. I'm not sure if the majority just don't understand how business works, but let me try to explain with an example. Let's say a company specializes in making bread. The CEO of the company is informed that they can quadruple their profits by purchasing their wheat from a foreign country. It is an unpopular decision, but they suspect only half of their current customers have an issue with it. Now translate that to Jagex. Even if half of the players quit because of the update (which I suspect is no where near the actual value), they can easily recoup those loses with SoF. The fact of the matter is that Jagex is a business and they had an opportunity to make more money. You don't ignore those opportunities. As for balance within the game, I think this is kind of a moot point. If i'm going to be spending $200, I'd expect more than 800k xp. To 95% of the players, $200 is a good chunk of change. If there was some reason or other that I really wanted some content for this game, I'd much rather spend $50 then 8 hours straight doing the same thing over and over. But maybe that is why I quit this game. When it starts to feel more like a chore than a game, it's likely time to find a new hobby.
  12. This is false. Registration never required an email address, but you would still enter one for recovery questions, however they still didn't email you the information...it was just there as an extra field for identifying your account. I really doubt Jagex keeps that long of retention on accounts however. Most companies purge data older than 4 years.
  13. Sounds like a bunch of highschool bullshit. I don't really like either of the two clowns, but in the end, fishy turned his operation into a business. "I lost my comp cape for you".... 1. I feel like that is his own fault. 2. You can probably purchase a comp cape account for under $1000. Finally, does this kid not know how to embed audio clips into his recordings? Recording a recording...what is this? 1990?
  14. Fishy is young and that is what young people do. They feel entitled. You see these type on the college campuses all the time. Realistically it's just something that he feels strongly about. And he is supported by a community that is equally as young. It's all foolish really. Jagex own the game and they will win this battle. FIshy needs to realize that it was great while it lasted, but at some point, it's time for him to move on. Hopefully he hasn't quit focusing on his studies for this game...which wouldn't surprise me.
  15. I think you may have got more credit for your bump if what you posted was relevant to the current state of botting in runescape. Instead, you merely posted about the comparison of Jacmob to Hitler, which is just dumb.
  16. Many people look at JMods as gods, and maybe that has to do with the age of the community, their god-like status in game, or something else I am completely unaware of. JMods are mainly customer support reps, which within the company I am at, and most companies, is the bottom of the totem pole. A little off topic: A previous company I was at made a new policy that all their engineers had to do one year of customer support before they could be promoted higher into the company. (Obviously there were exceptions) The reasoning behind this was to help develop an understanding for the company, and I also heard it was an attempt to reduce turn around. Coincidentally, it had the opposite affect, and right before I left they threw out the policy. I didn't agree with any of it, or really the direction of the company. Story time over... Anyway, my point is that most JMods aren't the type of people that, within a company, you would trust with access or knowledge or whatever. Most of them are probably just looking to get ahead in the company and get a foot in the door. Or they were runescape players themselves, and they feel the need to devote more of their life to this game.
  17. 1. I pointed out that I don't believe Jagex selling gold would remove RWT. Just to be clear, I agree with this point. 2. You compare Jagex selling gold to countries printing money, and I understand your thought process, but the two are not the same. You act as if bots create a resource instead of the gold that it is somehow different. It's a tiny bit different, but both lead to inflation. Something I would like to see, but would never happen, would be the opening of a marketplace. Allow players to sell gold to other players for Runecoins. It would 1. Legitimate people would stop buying gold off of RWT sites. 2. One of the biggest drives for bots and RWT is real currency. This would help remove that aspect. I would then like to see runecoins opened up to buying things like buffs, etc. While they are at it, get rid of the subscription model.
  18. You are seriously delusional. Jagex selling gold is no different than RWT selling gold. Money is not simply transferred around. It is created from the massive bot farms, and then sold. With that said, I don't feel as if selling gold themselves would be any sort of solution. You are never going to be able to stop RWTing. It's something that will always exist. The only thing to do would be to create a deterrent. I find it funny that Jagex has a bot problem, which is an automated solution to playing the game. The most effective/efficient method for solving this problem? Find an automated solution for detecting rule breakers. Apparently hiring Jacmob didn't help with this solution.
  19. The fact is, most people don't enjoy runescape anymore. They don't care if they ruin the game...to them the game is already ruined. Now it's more of a job than it is a game. Whether or not I like runescape anymore has no bearing on whether I ought to sell gold. Exactly
  20. I wasn't saying most people but rather most RWTers.
  21. The fact is, most people don't enjoy runescape anymore. They don't care if they ruin the game...to them the game is already ruined. Now it's more of a job than it is a game.
  22. Is that debt a student loan type where it has next to 0 interest? If not, you're potentially paying thousands more just through interest than if you sold now and paid it off... Not sure where you go to school, but my student loans have 6.5% APR. Also the reason people take on debt is because they can't afford the cost at that time. Which further illustrates my point that so many people on this forum don't understand the value of money. I guess maybe I'm just a rebel..I drank when I was underage, I speed, and given the opportunity I would sell runescape gold. #Thug4Life
  23. Cam tried buying the name "Flowers" off me when I quit a few weeks ago but I gave it to a friend in Coin fc. He was telling me he had Cam and a few other names as back up fcs but wanted Flowers. On topic: As someone who has been ranked/hosting in the gambling community for almost 2 years (Mew2, TheMilk, Cash, Coin, Legit One... Etc.) I have seen many people RWT loads and get away with it. Just from being in thriving fcs I have 4-5 of the biggest bulk gold buyers/resellers added on Skype and I know for a fact they service some of the big names. US tax law states you can receive up to $13,000 USD annually as a tax free gift from each individual. 5 bulk buyers at 13k each is $65k annually tax free... Plus transactions under $10k USD are not reported directly to the IRS so there are many ways around it. I will admit in dicings hay-day I partook in selling gold. Making max cash+ daily in Mew2 and seeing my friends do it and get away with it I thought "why not". I thought I had sound reasons to sell.. Most went to tuition, but I did make two "big" purchases (custom desktop and iPad). Eventually I realized I would rather give back to the community, help friends and enjoy the game so I stopped selling and would do hourly giveaways, donate to friends goals (over 2B donated to Suomi) and pk/stake for fun. I will probably be looked down on for selling gold, but I have not done it in over a year and don't plan on it. I recently quit and gave my remaining ~800M to some friends along with a few names I had. Even tho I do not sell anymore I still follow the market and keep up with prices and I will say the .28-.35/m for bulk now is way under the .65-.7/m a year ago. There is a lot of negativity around the gambling community, but honestly I always felt it was a tight knit community in itself. Yes scams take place but there are many legit clans out there. I personally think jagex should integrate a casino into the game with similar odds to dicing/flowers. People say they can't because the game has kids playing it, but Zynga and other Facebook game makers do it just fine. That way it would be monitored and regulated. Sorry for being long winded and if a mod wants to edit my post I'm ok with that. Peace, Vann Why you wouldn't is beyond me. If you were making 2B a day, that is modestly about $1,000. Only hookers make that kind of money. If someone came up to me and said they had an opportunity for me to make $1000, I would assume the worst of what I would have to do to acquire that. The only people who wouldn't jump at this opportunity are those who do not know the value of money (ie, come from wealthy families). As someone who is paying off college tuition with an engineering degree, the fact of the matter is that these RWT most likely improved their quality of life by doing what they do. And how did it affect you?
  24. I agree that gambling has ruined the community, but Jagex has plenty of ways of getting rid of gambling. I don't get why they don't get rid of the randomness of colors. Make it always go in a particular order. Or always red. People might find other ways to gamble, but chances are they could combat those as well. I suspect there are reasons Jagex has kept gambling around in some form or fashion. That, or their team of engineers and developers are so thick it is a miracle that we have any quality content. I'm going to go with the former.
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