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Calling all partner slayers


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Well, I'm not calling people that kill partners, but I am trying to create a thread for people looking to kill monsters that require/are made easier to kill/just more fun to kill with a partner.




I have reached this idea after a fruitless hour that I spent trying to get anyone in relleka to open the ranged door on waterbirth with me while all my friends were offline (darn u nocturnal people).




So let me be the first to say: I'm looking for a ranged dagannoth partner for waterbirth. I only need help opening the door if you prefer to fight the meleers. I'll be back around 10PM central so if u can come then I'd apreciate it very much.




As to the rest of you, post to find someone looking to kill things with you.

"How you act when no one is looking is the clearest indicator of the strength or depravity of your true character. "


yeah, he's deffinetly a little excited...dont worry its not a glitch...d legs are meant to stretch in that area for that reason.
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(A leader of it is quoted in your signature :wink:)


Combat 116+; Total 1900+; All Hard Tasks; (Nearly) All quest points; (Nearly) All skills 60+; An aquatic moose ninja.

Currently: Using 63 hunter to get some of those "Chins", then I'm going to range stuff down. Interruptions of agility when I feel like it, as well.

And lucky enough to get 4 Dragon and 6 Barrow Drops.

[hide]Kwimbob now looks exactly like me in real life except for hair color. Yes, this means I look exactly like the protagonist of that certain anime that my second character, Faye_V is also named after. Yes, I bought a jacket that also looks like his. No in real life I don't have a slain bear to sling over my shoulders. Yes, I'm that skinny even if I no-life it for years in basements. No, I can't shoot a gun. Yes, I can win any other strategic video game you have never played - because I probably have, ahahaha. And yes, I also have brown eyes, yet one of my eyes looks different from the other. And yes, I'm completely oblivious to the [real] world around me as I constantly engineer new solutions to daily problems in my head. When I get hungry, all that isn't food can wait. When I'm sleepy - nothing is of any priority in front of sleep. But at any other time, I never slow down. Never give up. Never Surrender. Makes for a good life.


- See You, Space Cowboy.[/hide][/hide]

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i heard you can use a rune throwing axe's special to open the door yourself.
He means the first door.


:^_^: I drew that smilie, btw, along with a few more used by this site.

Classic bloodveld for lyph3! Although I do like the new ones.

Like a ninja, here I was, gone I am now.

BUT! I may be back! Add my new account, Dr Bloodveld!

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