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Basic brushed signature tutorial.


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Photoshop 7.0+


Now, for this I assume you have some brushes. If not, be sure to visit Deviant Art.




Step 1.




First, open up a canvas (Ill be using 400x120 px) and create some clouds.


(Filter > Render > Clouds)




Step 2.




Now, grab a brush and dot about some brushes in black. For this use some random opacity and flow. I use 70% for both.


Important: Do not brush on the clouds layer


Dot about 5/6 brushes (same or different kinds) for each layer. Ill be using 5 layers, and 1 final layer on top which will have a white brush on it.




Step 3.




Once you have around 5 layers change the layer's blending properties. I used here; soft light and multiply. But any can be used.




Step 4.




Add a brightness and contrast layer.


(Layer > New adjustment layer > Brightness and contrast)


I used 10 brightness and 55 contrast.




Step 5.




Pretty much the same again. Add a Color balance layer.


(Layer > New adjustment layer > Color balance)


This time only goto the highlight and set the yellow to -50.






Step 6. A




Add a simple hue to it. Either by a layer or just CTRL+U the bottom layer (clouds)




Step 6. B




From step 5, you can follow Magictv's 1337 tutorial.


The above was my outcome.


I added a border and followed Magictv's advice.








Hope you liked my signature and found it helpful. :)


Have fun!




For quick reference:


Magictv's 1337 tut.

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