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    Dont ask me.... ~Komodo Dragons~
  1. Even being a filter pile I could say is quite nice... Hmm... not suca a fan of filters buuuut, criativity counts, so, nice.
  2. I was fighting pillows with my bro, and he hit my muth, and we kep fighting untill I feel something wierd on my thong, so I picked, and I saw it was my tooth! Wow! \
  3. bolt-action or semiauto please... But OMG, what a massive destruction weapon! Shot your neighbours with it instead of the dog! :P
  4. eckred... some spelling yould be nice, or grammar.. too many typos. PK - Nice ones, I commented in GU already, gut to say you're improoving.
  5. Lol.. funny, but text needs work up, and border
  6. How hard is googling an image, here you are a page with the search for SOAD, just clikc it and select an image >.< Clicky Here! And the manip is not really a manip, just added some filters (really few and bad) and changed a bit the color to red, its almost unotable the difference.
  7. Infreting I dunno if exists, but i'm sure thats not used in my context ^^
  8. Something that happened? Well yesterday in a city called Belo Horizonte a woman killed 2 guys while learning to drive. One of the victims was a girls, 16, and the other was apparently her mother, 45, bith died instantly. The dirver suffered only few small hurts, and the guy who was teaching, 62, too. It was a White popular compact. The woman who was driving assumed that she was a victim os dark magic, because her back tire flat while she was driving causing her to override the 2 victims. Well, they're not going to jail, but they will pay some money. Silly huh? :lol:
  9. Too much advertising to A&W. Yeah, I'm a lover of root beer but I wouldn't do this... its like OMG!
  10. Oh shootz! I got level 2 at the forst and then 4 in the second try! >.< 2... I'm traumatized!
  11. Hummm.... I dont usually invento words but heres a strange one:FLOCCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATION Meaning: The action or habit of judging something to be worthless. So if you someone to be worthless, you're FLOCCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATING him/her See, contructive!
  12. More memorable quotes! I gotta say from where are they? :P I tryed to get some with the minimum of "badwords", but they say it too much. :lol: This one is a classic! Enough for now.
  13. Awsome Pirate sig, if it was a time ago you could have posted it in the Ninjas vs. Pirates thread :P Pirates are way cooler than Ninjas, Pirates won the battle *looks at avvy* ^^
  14. _k0m0d0_

    I'm new.

    Vacation, extended one, and short time due to too many studying :P
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