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Am i bad?


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i saw you having --illegal third party client-- as a runescape browser, i downloaded it because i thought it was cool. i was wondering how safe it was, can you tell me?




what does this guy means? :? , is he saying i'm promoting an illegal program?, if so, i don't know how, can someone tell me how to delete any links i have, i don't want to get banned :cry:

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that --illegal third party program-- part is probably forum filter.




Just ignore it, thats what i would do..

6,924th to 30 hunting, 13,394th to 30 summoning, 52,993rd to 30 Divination

Kiln Record (Post-EoC): W 25 - L 0, 14 Uncut Onyx, 8 Jad hits received (Best record: Two in the same kiln)
Obby set renewed post update #2: 0

QBD drops: 21 crossbow parts, 3 Visages, 1 Kites, 2 Kits

Max Port Score [2205] Achieved: 27th April 2013 (World 2nd)


Farmyard Rampage ranking: 12th, 50,000 Kills.


Dragon Pickaxe Drops: 1 (Times after I first entered Battlefield: 2h)

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If you posted a picture that was taken using an *illegal*third*party*client* (my words, lol), it would show telltale signs on your screenshots.




The only client authorized by Jagex is the Runescape client downloadable at the official Runescape website.




Tip.It does not authorize any third party (meaning non-Jagex) clients (interfaces offering features not available from a normal web browser, such as world changers or timers or whatever), nor forum discussion about them, at all.




So ... I suggest not posting screenshots that were made while using a non-Jagex client. ;)


it's a lot easier to get over yourself when you look at intelligence the same way you look at beauty, or height, or eye color: being smart is easy, but being good is hard ... being smart is handed to you, being good is handed to *nobody*.

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