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Iban's Staff Help


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I completed Underground Pass a long time ago and yet I haven't used Iban's Staff and his spell (Iban Blast) until recently. I had seen a person using the spell in Castle Wars before and I looked up the damage it could deal (25!) and I decided it'd be great at Castle Wars along with my brand new Full Splitbark World 59 Shade temple!.




I was casting it and dealing amazing damage for my level 60 magic skills. But suddenly as I was chasing down our own flag being taken away I was confronted with "You need to recharge the staff before you can use the spell". I was absolutely floored (and promptly flattened by a whip-wielding whacko). So I searched through Tip's Magic guide and found the special Spells section and saw that it needs to be Recharged at the well "past the paladins" in the Underground Pass. I for one HATE the underground pass. So many little traps and whatnot.




But I teleport from CWars to Ardougne and pick up a bow, five bronze arrows, a rope, a dueling ring, and a whole bunch of food. I made it all the way to the Jail cells and I realized that I needed a spade. I teleport with my Dueling ring to CWars and grab an ardougne teleport and go back to Ardougne, grab the spade and head off to the tunnel. Before I get there I realize my Dueling ring has crumbled and I thought "I need a dueling ring, I don't want to be stuck in the Underground pass and have to go all the way back!". Grudingly I went back and grabbed a dueling ring. Now back into the tunnel failed the walking trap (right before the Zombies and porticullis) and then FINALLY I reached the well, used my staff on it and FINALLY could go back to CWars and do some more fun.




Halfway into a game I need to recharge the dang staff again! Now here's the question is there any easier way to get the Staff recharged? Tip.it maybe didn't update their magic guide if the Mage Guild happens to have a similar well or the Dark Mage in West Ardougne can repair it for you? I'm just hoping I won't have to go through all of that again and again just to use that awesome spell!

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If you do regicide, you get access to the shortcut to the elf island. Just go into underground pass entrence (into iban's chamber) and go through the ledges till you come to the well.....I think

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There is a guy in the western most house in west Ardougne that charges the staff for 200k. The quest guide mentions this at the very bottom, I think hes a "mad magician" or something.




Ah, that's the Dark Mage I was talking about, I didn't remember everything about him, just that he was important for something. Thank you! I just might spend the 200k there instead, it seems like a much better alternative. :D

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The Dark Mage is in the game to help people who *lose* their Iban staff (by death or dropping). Such a player would go into underground pass and kill Iban disciples (the guys in the red robes, whatever they are called) until he got a "broken" staff of Iban. Then he would pay the Dark Mage 200K to repair it.




I dunno if he can charge a staff or not.


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