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verac's? Str bonus? What the...?




All Barrow weapons, excluding the X Bow, does not perform well unless it is used as a full set. You NEED the full set for any of the barrow weapons to perform well. Getting the weapon on its own is a waste of money, you are better off buying the plate skirt instead, as the armor pieces are far more useful.




Verac's Set doesnt increase str for the record, thats Dharok's set. Verac's set increases the ACCURACY of your hits by (sometimes) ignoring your opponent's armor.

6,924th to 30 hunting, 13,394th to 30 summoning, 52,993rd to 30 Divination

Kiln Record (Post-EoC): W 25 - L 0, 14 Uncut Onyx, 8 Jad hits received (Best record: Two in the same kiln)
Obby set renewed post update #2: 0

QBD drops: 21 crossbow parts, 3 Visages, 1 Kites, 2 Kits

Max Port Score [2205] Achieved: 27th April 2013 (World 2nd)


Farmyard Rampage ranking: 12th, 50,000 Kills.


Dragon Pickaxe Drops: 1 (Times after I first entered Battlefield: 2h)

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