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need some advice on sigs


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This is the first time i make sigs with photoshop I need some advice.


Here are some sigs i made:




This is the first i made with photoshop:






This is the second:






This is my third:






This is my fourth:






THis is my fifth:



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Sorry to be harsh but I think photoshop can get better sig then this. :)




Trying looking up some tutorial since it's your first time dealing with siggys, probably the same old phrase, look up tutorial, download brush, download fonts and start brushing around.




All the sigs that you've done are having bad colors matching, try to do some blending mode for the render/texts. Not forgetting a 1px border. :)



Thanks Metroid for the siggy and dark_shadow for avvy! \:D/ :thumbsup:

<3 wendy

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The colors of all of them dont really match the renders or the font color, they need more blending, the renders need more blending! You need to make the BG go with the renders colors!

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