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  1. You have no idea lol... I've got a whole sketchbook completely filled with floating islands and such... Always wanted to create some type of floating island steampunk game but I don't have near enough experience :sigh:... I've actually started tweaking around the pixel already, I'll most my update tomorrow (hopefully, got a packed day)
  2. I was tired of playing around with sprites, started doodling and this is what came out. 7 colors I think, I might use it as a background, for something, not really enough detail for anything besides. Where would you guys go from here?
  3. Ok I re-hosted it this time with two different hosters, you should be able to see it now...
  4. Hmm, which part? The green sword is just a holder for any weapon ect, that would be subbed into that spot. I know the arms are a bit too wide, and on four of the hands I need to correct the hand and place it on the right side. Anything to note besides that?
  5. Man I haven't been around here in simply ages! Anyways, I recently got slightly back into pixel art to give some rough outlines of sprites for character movement and such on a game I've been co-creating. My pixel skills are mad rusty though, so I thought I'd post the rough sprites here and see if any of you cats had some advice to throw out. I love red lines, CC, and beautiful woman post all three if you can. [hide=][/hide]
  6. I dunno if this quote battle is still going but one of the fundamental values of microeconomics is that an item costs what you have to give up to get it. Time does equal money since we don't live in runescape and whenever you are on you are generating some type of revenue. So gp cost really does closely associate with time consumed even though at first glance they might appear to be different
  7. you don't have a right to complain since you don't pay for it. OT: I believe their main objective is to destroy the economy for us even though we're perfectly capable of that ourselves. This grand exchange may well be their next step. I don't pay (on my active account, on my other one I do pay), and I have A LOT less than members do, and I don't complain. Once again, get over it. I plated runescape for fun... I found duel arena fun... fun is now gone... How can i get over something that now isn't avalible... makes me glad I quit before this happened... I shouldn't have to get over it though... its what i viewed as fun it wasn't hurting anyone... why change it? and the reason jagex gave is bull and we all know it...
  8. WOOOOOOOO jagex officially fixed the update no need to rant! Lets send them cookies!- I think my face just got slapped... is this a joke? borrowed from rsc
  9. =D> These are the type of responses to the vast majority of Jagex's updates that always amuse me....."ZOMG I don't like the update, you better change it or we are ALL gonna quit!".......right.....allow me to show you the door, there you go M8, carry your lil behind right on over to another game, one less over-dramatic whiner clogging up the game....heres a tip, a lot of players love the game, enjoy dedicating years to developing their character, and I would dare say, it would take a lot, to make us quit. Now for the garden variety nub who has a "main" (lev 58) and a "staker" (lev 34)....who whine and flop about every little thing, threaten to quit when the latest update wasn't catered to their lev 65 pker, staker slacker...etc, we are better off without you. Go ahead and quit, people are signing up everyday, it is a constant turn over...no worries m8, I have a sinking suspicion Jagex will be just fine. They have the top 200,000 players who are dedicated, to keep them going. I could care less if they doubled, tripled or quadrupled the monthly fee, it's just pocket change afterall. Maybe they should, that will keep the riffraff out of the game...go play F2P. you can join the "why can't we get MORE for free?" protests in Lumbry. meh What the hell are you talking about... stakeing characters are not level 34 (though there are some pures who do really well at level 30-50) Most of them take weeks and months to train and level up.. I have a level 70 somthing 88 range staker who i trained for 6 months only to have jagex pull the plug on me... WHO ARE YOU to tell my that I shouldn't whine.. when i WAS GIVEN NO WARNING that all my hard work would be wasted... Thats right wasted... cause if you think you can make profit pking in the day and age of when to get a kill you have to bend over backwards and then only get half the items since the others protect your a delusional idiot.. This part of the game wasn't harming anyone because honestly jagex pulled that real world trading bs right from where the sun don't shine... Like real world traders are going to create a level 3 throw away account GET HIM MEMBERS and then trade in the duel arena? umm yeah why not just create a throw away account and go trade in varrock... HELLO JAGEX what the [bleep]? or walk into wildy and die vs a monster or something... that would be really undectible since jagex doesn't know who picks something up... whats next a limit on the amount of gold you can carry?
  10. I do tire of hearing this old whine. If I were such a statistical beast that no npc in Runescape presented a challenge for me, I'd figure it was time to head for the wildy. Or go castlewars, that will show you theres plenty of challenge left that being high level won't help you. Just commenting, already made my point erlier in topic :thumbsup: I don't think Cw's is that much of a reward though... for fun on occasion i do go and play... But for actually something that a person can use... eh not much... As for the wildy that and dueling is all i really do now... I stink at both though lol.... - 12m in duel winning :ohnoes:
  11. anything... just randomly download em from deviant and see what is your style...
  12. I completely disagree... Like 100% no questions asked disagree... Not to flame you or whatnot... but honestly manga is a HORRIBLE!<-- free exclamation point for ya-- Its a pretty wide known fact that starting off drawing manga from the beginning is the wrong leg to jump with... angles, joints, faces, ect are all drawn in a non-realistic style... I am not saying manga is bad, far from it... It is a good way to expand and draw quickly from realism but it is not a good base for realism... I would really back far far away from drawing manga and not touch it with a 10 foot stick till you have a grounding in basic realism anatomy and such... Just cause there are so many people out there who started out as manga artists and it just ruins so many basic anatomy and physical rules its not even funny...
  13. http://sdb.drshnaps.com/sheets/SNK/Other/ here be the list of all the sprites not just that one character...
  14. Risk vs. Reward... if the item is worth enough is good enough and useful then no matter how much people have to risk... they will go and kill that monster... Say a ring or something that boosts the minimum hit (the lowest you can hit, ever) by 1 or even 2... No more 0's ever... I dunno about you but in the long run that would make a huge difference and I would pay a handsome amount for something like that....
  15. You will never progress in photography past a certain level unless you learn that the picture isn't the art, the light is... Light is everything in photography... you can have a terrible picture but with the right kind of lighting it can look pretty decent... The lighting in your photographs is pretty straight on or blunt... It doesn't dazzle, it doesn't awe, its pretty but nothing over an beginner could do.. I would spend more time looking for good light then looking for a pretty picture... you have received 2cents
  16. Ok so, I've been playing some other games then runescape lately and I really have to ask... Where are runescapes boss monsters...? Kq, Daggs, Kbd, Godchampions, barrow brothers, ect they all require two things... prayer and awareness... Unless you lose connection, don't bring a tele or are brain dead there is no way to die at these places... Honestly who says to themselves... "oh, i've got 49 hps, dharoks max is 50 ill fight him without prayer!" Or say, "oh darn there goes my prayer and no pots left... I guess ill just sit here and not tele" Runescape has so much grinding in it that we don't even relize that the boss monsters are just more and more grinding!! Where is my challenge... Where is the monster that people go to takeing a huge risk to fight? Where are the no prayer zones, the antimagic fields... the lairs without safe spots?? Where are the HUGE teams required to kill just one boss once? Where is the risk, the thrill of the fight? Oh attacks with melee, boop turns on prayer! :XD: Sure mithril dragons were a semi step in the right direction but it isnt multi-combat, and they still aren't that dangerious with the right set up...
  17. I might be in... But i would tank range anything that I had to fight unless it was pretty weak say trolls or somesuch...
  18. Then the items would have no purpose whatsoever. :roll: To gain tokens and defenders maybe :roll: it takes like 3 hours to go to rune defender... after that there isn't really that much point cause you waste too much time getting the lil tokens things to actually train much there
  19. No one else knew this? it was my third stop in checking shops :roll:
  20. yeah, mud staff and curse... it only takes like 6mill from mage level 76... bodies are 16 each :P
  21. what did they do with them? i've read the post its still unclear Well instead of just useing the store and buying 6 and switching each world... they don't want people buying an infinite amount see.... so they switched it to baba yaga and the mage arena making it alot harder for crafters...
  22. Ok, the battle staff thing is NOT COOL! I mean whats wrong with letting them stay the way they were? Does jagex WANT us to have to switch worlds ever 6 slaves?
  23. Well, got to remember... Just as all Muslims aren't strapping bombs to themselves and suiciding, its just a radical fringe group... The same is true for Christians to a lesser extent, there is a large majority of well minded conservative (the good kind ;)) and there are the fringe elements who make idiotic statements and who try and force people into Christianity. I hate that, Christianity is a religion at its very basic core of tolerance and love, that people distort that and force it on people is just wrong. stuff like that makes me mad as all get out... JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS, OMG DON'T THINK JUST JUMP! QUICK IT MIGHT GET AWAY, JUMP, JUMP!
  24. I enjoy these theories also :D But, did both sides have ice magic? It says that they all tried to freeze each other, but in DT you got the ancient magics from killing the evil warriors who had stolen this energy from good. Or something like that :S So how did good/evil sides both have ice magic?
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