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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Personally I hope they move some of the minigames out the wilderness. Clan wars looks so bad in the place it is right now.
  3. By bringing the wilderness back they mean bringing the wilderness back before December 10th 2007. When they was not many restrictions on killing each other apart from the level difference and the wilderness levels.
  4. Seriously? People are worried about clue scrolls being 'too hard'? I'm sorry but this game has been dumbed down a lot to satisfy the whiners. We managed to do clue scrolls in the past I'm pretty sure it won't be an issue now. People might also start worrying about luring, sometimes people just lack common sense. If you fall for a lure because you're trading rare's or whatever at the edge of the wilderness then you deserve to die for being so stupid.
  5. I remember my first trips into the wilderness to explore at like level 20. - Discovering all the ruins, and picking up the steel platelegs in the east ruins thinking how amazing it was that they respawned. - Killing low levels with my iron set and thinking I was amazing. - My first trips to the lava maze really impressed me, especially when I discovered the steel platebody and earth staff respawn. - I made the east ruins my 'hideout'. - Training prayer in the boneyard.
  6. I believe this picture is from 2006. I think you're correct. >.<
  7. :o I thought Mendark 9 quit ages ago.
  8. More high level updates. Armour/weapons etc. More grandmaster quests.
  9. Hello everyone, been a long time user of Tip it since 2006. Playing on my pure f2p character Akke 02. Have been pretty inactive since January 2007 but I attend most holiday events still. Would like to start playing properly again but alas most of the people I once knew have either quit or I can't remember them.
  10. GL man seriously. How much is 99 prayer gonna cost? :> Edit: Was that just asked cos i can only read english :P.
  11. subz

    Image Warz

    Dont mess with him. . . :twisted:
  12. subz

    Image Warz

    He owns your saw.....
  13. subz

    Image Warz

    .... And sam ownz him... seriously!
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