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  1. You can improve on the texts, maybe like som blending etc. :)
  2. Hilarious? I hope so. Credits to DI forum. :)
  3. Download brushes and get tutorial online for brushing. Actually not all background needs brushing, some smudge will look alot amazing. It just depends on how you do it. :
  4. I don't know but I don't like how the face goes. Look slightly out of shape or something you know... :anxious:
  5. ^ I remember it too, the sig was so funny. Lol. ^ I actually laughed at the Diet Coke's image, it's so hilarious! Fan of Sir Alex's! \ :thumbsup:
  6. Whoa, I like it alot, very unique. Looking forward to the final artwork. :)
  7. Whoa I wish this update was real! But I bet it gonna takes up some sum of money for every beast you summon for aid. Like 10k per greater demon, 100k per black demon and few millions for kq. :lol: Alright, back to rating. The staffs and the background colors are not fitable thou. The staffs looks very pixelated while the background obviously crashed with two different tones of browns. :|
  8. Not bad, but it can be done better. No idea what's wrong with it either. :P But still nice work.
  9. Thats what I think so too. :oops:
  10. It's been a long time since I see you here, CM. Welcome back again. :
  11. Nice overall but he should add more thing in the middle, as it look slightly plain IMO.
  12. Yeah of course I love it, I love you too! :3> :XD: :lol: But I still had one more stock photo (total of 2) on the previous post. :P :-#
  13. That is not a render in the first place... :P Try to blend your sig render, it might looks better. :)
  14. Wow I love it! Will be using the 2nd and 4th. Thanks so much dark! :)
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