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  1. If you ever randomly come back and see your profile, know I still await your return and you better find a way to contact me. :P Miss ya buddy.

  2. If it's not gone yet... Steam name: Goobzie. :o
  3. So far, I'd have to say that this and the other post by Str are the most thought-out posts in this topic. First of all, Str is right - the assumption that pornography is only a male-based medium is incredibly stereotypical. "It was created for guys"? Not only is that vastly ill-informed and ludicrous, but assuming that only men are interested in pornography, for whatever reason, is downright sexist. Secondly, I'll again agree with Str on his point that women who choose careers in that field are making an active choice, and bashing that choice is demeaning. Not only have a multitude of assumptions been made already in this topic while talking about this (why are we suddenly assuming that sex-workers are stupid or otherwise of a lower intelligence?), but honestly, examine these posts and tell me that they aren't simply blind speculation. Has anyone on this topic actually experienced any type of work in this field whatsoever? I doubt it. So to automatically assume that conditions are bad, the actors are mistreated, and that it's a generally misogynistic and degrading work field is completely ignorant. You're confusing general pornography with actual abusive subgroups, such as the abuse of children in the medium. Take a look at the link that Str provided - it's one example among many others of women who've made incredible amounts of money through the business. It's important that I say that I'm not advocating the industry, I just want to clear up the mistakes that are being made on this topic. Before you post a criticism like this, it's important to research the background of what you're talking about first. Taking such a profound stance as to bash the people who choose to make careers for themselves in the pornography business requires actually researching the subject first. You make a reasonable point in your original post that the general American culture is heading down a dark path towards complete objectification of women, Raven, and on this point I agree with you. But you need to flesh out this point more clearly before putting it into a topic - it's so muddled with ill-informed and incorrect examples that the point you're trying to get across gets lost. It's sections like this that need actual research before they are brought up. You cannot simply state that people working in the pornography business "sell their morales for a cheap buck" without actually looking at statistics, and the same goes for assuming that "an insanely large amount of pornographic content is teenager porn". I'm not going to rehash what I've already said, but speculation like this makes a bold statement, and when that statement is under-researched and ultimately incorrect, it makes the rest of the post seem less reliable. Here it seems that you're trying to get at your main point, but again it's muffled by the rest of the paragraph being ridiculous and somewhat offensive. I agree with the statement that young men and women need to stop comparing themselves to pop culture icons, but when you go on to call famous actresses "drug addicted sex-a-holics", it serves to make the rest of the statement seem just as ridiculous. This needs strict examples, clearer points, and less generalization and blind speculation. This topic really has potential to serve as a serious grounds for discussing the difficulties with self-esteem in the American youth at the hands of popular culture, but it needs some serious straightening out first. We've gone from actually discussing a valid point to criticizing industries that we've had no experience with based on our own guesses and assumptions, and that's a very slippery slope. Before going to a topic, this post should have been edited, clarified, and better researched.
  4. This is a bit strange, because the man doesn't actually disapprove of the whole joke. He's been quoted before as saying he actually finds the whole thing funny, and when Maddox published The Alphabet of Manliness a whole chapter on Chuck Norris was included, and he never got sued. I guess I can see where he's coming from, though: a respectable publisher should be able to ride this meme in a better way than by copy and pasting a bunch of jokes that were posted online; at least Maddox had enough class to write his own material.
  5. If anything, it's certainly pretty. I don't like the pieces though - it's trivial, but whenever I have to play with strange interpretations of pieces, I can't visualize anything. I just can't get a good grip on the position when I have quarter-circles for knights and triangles for bishops. :oops: I enjoy watching it consider knight moves - it makes a very nice spiral shape. :D Overall a very interesting program, and it definitely makes me embarrassed for not living up to my username. Somehow I lost a bishop without knowing it, lol. Guess you can't post and play at the same time, eh?
  6. ^ This is probably the best advice so far. Unless the burglar is actually armed with a gun, something incredibly unlikely, if you wave a bat and start screaming at them they'll probably high-tail it out. Confrontation in general is something the average burglar wants to avoid; my grandfather once chased one out of the house in his underwear just by yelling and chasing the guy. If you want to play it safe, then yeah, just hide and call the police.
  7. Sonic the Hedgehog Speedrun To me, the most impressive speed run I've ever seen. Yeah, the Mario one was great, but the fact that this one is non-tool-assisted, that he was the first person to ever run the entirety of the first Sonic game, and that this was my absolute favorite game while I was a young'n all compound into one hell of an impressive video. I figured that this was the best place to finally share it. Took me a while to find the original (the guy who did it was named Jonathan Trillo, I believe - my brother, a hardcore Sonic fan, talked multiple times with him throughout the making of the run), but in the end, it's worth a viewing. Months of hard work went into this and as a rabid fan of Sonic I find it simply amazing.
  8. Absolutely hilarious. Thanks for putting your time into this, it's definitely appreciated. Why'd you leave out "The Serious Poster" on this version, though? Personally, those are the most entertaining posters, no matter what forum you're on.
  9. Can I just post a note? It'd be best if we all used our WFC names rather than our Tip.It names - keep in mind that many games have name restrictions. For instance, Pokemon DP only gives you seven slots for letters for friend code names, and Zelda: PH only gives eight. I'm having to abbreviate names here, lol.
  10. I've been awaiting this topic for too long. DS Name: [Gygy] Tip.It Name: [chessmastuh] Pok̮̩̉̉mon Pearl: [0731-2783-6584] Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: [1031-9733-8555] Online at: [Weekends] I wasn't sure whether you meant my DS WiFi name or my Tip.It username, so I listed both. I should have Metroid Prime Hunters but I'm too lazy to go out and get it. :s
  11. A World War II MMO would be excellent. Hopefully they can come to some compromise in terms of games - from what I've seen, Activision specializes in a much different genre from Blizzard. It'll be interesting to see the brainchild of the two companies.
  12. At risk of being repetitive: Amazon? EBay? I don't know what the difference between a Les Paul controller and the standard one, but both sites listed them. Since Amazon runs independent retailers now, it'll be much easier to browse for just the guitar, without the bundle.
  13. It's different, but what with the risk of pjers nowadays, why didn't you just do a whip no prot dm? Or were you trying your best to mimic staking? :P Nice wins, either way.
  14. Even if you were using somewhat underhanded tactics, still, very, very impressive. If not for the technique, then the sheer fact that you would go in with 10 HP is still hilariously awesome. Very nice. I'm disappointed about not getting to see the 100k+ stakes.
  15. PM one of the members of TET, preferably Sheynara or Mirrorforced, the leaders. A list of members and links to their pm: here.
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