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Soul Binding


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I posted this as a rant but it turned out to be more of a suggestion and a possible fix so I thought to post it here.




Doesn't it burn you up that when you accidently tred into an unknown danger and are quickly killed? Someone is always hanging around to benifit from your misfortune. The other day I was looking for a ground spawn item and accidently treded into a wizzard area. I was unaware it was even there. As I tried to run, I found I had a tag along. Someone who was in the area and too high lvl for the wizzards to attack.




He was hanging out just to catch people who would enter the area and be killed. He was simply corpse looting. Then he had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to buy a mith scim. The very scim he took off my body.




I was on a quest and needed several items on me as I traveled. I needed my axe to cut some wood to make fire, so he got my mith axe as well. I had just finished imp catcher and so my accuracy amulet is lost too. He drank my beers and retained my other quest items. All I was left with was my mith legs, chest, and shield.




I had just bought all the mith gear so I was out of money. I have no way to replace many of the items like my helm, my amulet, and my ring. I agree there should be some type of penalty for death but why should my penalty be a benefit for someone else? New rules should go into place. Either extend the time your items stay hidden from the rest of the world, or allow soul binding at different cities. It sickens me that you are soul bound to one city your entire game life. Heck I don't even come around Lumbridge anymore so why should I return there when I die?




They could set it up so that you return to the last alter you preyed at. Make the alters a bind point. If you enter a city and want to do your business from that city, go to the church and prey at the alter and from then on, you are bound to that city and will return there when you die. This would eliminate those 3 hour runs to where you died and you just might have a chance of getting to your death spot before some player vulture robs you blind.

Tsi Ani-Yunwiya



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It's a game get over it lol. Lots of people depend on your death to survive, unfortunaltely.




Thats the problem. So what if it is a game? There is no reason to just roll over and play dead. Why not try and make a change? Why just sit back and accept something they should have fixed when they kept adding to the size of the world? The world is getting larger and larger but there is nothing done to the rule of death so the distance could be factered in. People should nev er be allowed to depend on the misfortune of others to survive.






Also I don't think I would call the p2p quest a fix. So now you are bound to a city, next to the one you used to be bound to. Since it is a p2p thing, they should have made the bind point a p2p city that only members can get to. That would be more beneficial to those playing on the far reaches of the world that only they can go.

Tsi Ani-Yunwiya



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I like your soul binding altar idea but there's 1 problem.




Ok here u r, doing Underground Pass, you have entered the first Well room, and prayed at the altar. You have next to no food. You attempt to press on but, eventually you are killed. You respawn by the altar, with 3 item (probrably armour) If u want to go back, you will be killed by the traps because you have no food, if u go forward, you will be killed by monsters because you have no food. Happy situation. I think not. You can't go any direction without being killed, and if u die, you'll just come back to were you are. You'd have to call in a friend to bring u tele runes, and that's unfair on the m8.




Also, if you prayed at the Marim (ape Atoll) altar, then die u will respawn there. Unless a greegree is one of the items you kept, you will respawn, be killed, respawn, be killed. Until a m8 brings u teleport runes. And that's unfair on the m8.




U get my point?




My longest ever post :P

P.S. Guthix is my lord


And 200 mogres later, I got some flippers.



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