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rs causes lag?


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well i didn't know it caused lag and when i heard some people say that i was just like, well my comps working fine and i kinda fergot about it. but the comp has be getting slower lately... and the problem is that the comp isnt mine is my dad's. so if he thought that rs was causing it to go slow he would never and i mean never let me play again... so i was wondering if anyone could give me some info on this lag thing and if there's a way to stop it. thanks





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Any idea on the specs on your PC? Runescape wouldn't "make it slower" , however it might just get slower while runescape is running (more stuff running = more memory taken up = slower machine).






Whats your PC specs? Like Processor speed / video card / ect. :)

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Runescape is a Java Applet. Java uses LOADS of processing power and memory - way more than it should really need.




Runescape is going to slow your comp. Get used to it.




A just statement. However, it depends on if he means it will slow his PC down all the time or whether it will only be slow whilst he is playing.

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