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dragon chains gallore


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You spacing is still off.




If your gonna make fakes use this.






It has a template for inventory spacing, that should help.


Inventory fakes aren't apreciated much unless you made a new item becuase otherwise they're really simple to make.

Personally, I can't stand that guide. It's really good, but it tells you how to do everything. The really hard stuff should be figured out on your own, not given to you on a silver platter. Not to mention it's not quite a tut.




And before you people say "omg ur jelos!11", take a look at my fakes, I use everything (and more) that's shown in that "tut".


:^_^: I drew that smilie, btw, along with a few more used by this site.

Classic bloodveld for lyph3! Although I do like the new ones.

Like a ninja, here I was, gone I am now.

BUT! I may be back! Add my new account, Dr Bloodveld!

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Well, it seems there is only 1 thing to say.








MEH!!?! :-X


Thanks To: Everyone for the siggies, especially Kal for the Pixel.

Currently Playing: FIFA 07, NFS: Carbon, Morrowind and Dungeon Siege II.

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