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  1. Man that rawks, but can you add some kind of outline or something to make the text show up a bit now.
  2. I sure do! Welcome back! :twisted:
  3. Thanks Kal, i'll be adding it to my Signature Script after i get a couple more to add to it. :D
  4. I'd like one please. 8-) Size in pix0ls: 400x150 Text: Skully Subtext: Render: http://www.planetrenders.net/renders/di ... =16&pos=24 Colour Scheme: Reds with a Hint of yellow. Style: Brushing Mark: Feel free to put it in, but dont make it too visible Thanks in advance. 8-)
  5. Pretty damn cool. Can Skully get one please? :pray:
  6. Good luck getting a pixel with 1 post.
  7. I was going for a clue scroll, when attacked by a group of about 6 melee pures, i got most of them down to low hp, then died. As i died i turned on Redemption, and took about 3/4 of the pures to hell with me. Well worth loosing the clue. :twisted:
  8. This one is both pathetic and funny. Noob: "Where can i find desert lizards?"
  9. want a preview of your avvy that im doing as a thanks? What, i have no knowledge of an avvy. :-#
  10. The fletching cape is just plain ugly. Hawtest is Firemaking (Looks)
  11. My favourites are as follows: World 2. New Items. Slayer. Treasure Trails.
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