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d long/d baxe

Back by popular demand!

And I guess I just wanted to tell you, as the light starts to fade, that you aree the reason, that I am not afraid, and I guess I just wanted to mention, as the heavens will fall, that we will be together soon if we will be anything at all.

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D-long + pest control.




Or even better:




dds specs at pest control and points on str.

Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either

a fool or a coward.


Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law

is both.


For a wounded man shall say to his assailant:

"If I live, I will kill you, If I Die, you are forgiven."


Such is the Rule of Honor.

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Guest TaDaraCampbell

did u mean dragon scimmie, not rune scimmie maybe lol, otherwise that was an obvious assumption

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I did mean rune scimmy. I own one, so I'm not sure if I should switch weapons. Is the d long, d b axe, and dds spec better than dragon scimmy? Which would give me more str exp in an amount of time?




Rune scimitar isn't bad at all, in fact it is the worst weapon (at least what I find) that is good actually.




It is better than lower level weapons.




Anyway, all dragon stuff are better.




This is as silly as asking, "Is adamant longsword better than rune scimitar"

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I know they're better. But, would the speed of the rune scimmy have any impact on the amount of experience I get?




Weapons have exact same speed, no matter what metal they are. (even if adamant is +1 more weight than other metals it's still same speed)




Try Dragon Longsword. I haven't finished Monkey Madness either. If a master quest would be easy, it can't be a "Master Quest".

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