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help with regicide


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Why is it so hard? I made it at my first trial. Put the tar in it, turn both valves clockwise twice, and start adding coal 'till the heat is at green, around 10-15 will do.

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ok, turn both valves once, then add coal, i used like 30 =] had to make 2 trips.... and gl!

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heh. *don't* turn both valves at once. The left valve is to bleed pressure to keep furnace from blowing up.




Put coal (click "add coal" words in middle), then watch the gauge on the right. You want it to go up to green by adding coal. At green, click valve on right to add tar. Stop adding coal at this point.




If it goes below green, add coal. If it starts to go into red, click left valve for a moment to vent pressure, then when it falls below green click left valve to close it again.




Hope this helps - you really just have to keep doing it to get a feel for it. You won't lose your tar - it keeps it in distiller for you, so it's just a matter of coal until you get there.




Good luck.


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