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  1. No. Bet you weren't expecting me! Rainy_Day, because he can smell my pheromones.
  2. No, you are sexy. (?)

  3. Confession: I somehow keep lurking TIF. :unsure:
  4. Both are great picks. Let's just hope you don't stop posting as regulars though! :P
  5. Yes, he could cut all his hair off for starters. You are just jealous. Case in point:
  6. David Garrett. Both violinist and model, can it get any better?
  7. This. (Except for the whole Runescape thing. NEVER AGAIN.) Even though I still come every once in a while to lurk, TIF just doesn't do it for me anymore. :cry:
  8. This. I find very few things cuter than elderly couples that still seem to have just fallen in love with each other.
  9. Keep the fringe. Just shave. :thumbup:
  10. If you include that in physical evil, then point 5, "The origin of physical evil is spiritual evil. We suffer because we sin." would mean sin causes natural disaster and diseases - little more than blaming the victim. And still, that doesn't even seem to be true, since good things happen to bad people, and viceversa. It just seems less far-fetched to think God, if he exists, just doesn't care. And why should he? We might just be a fleeting curiosity in the huge symphony of astronomical events he created for his own delight. To think he'd be occupied with every moral act and every single thought of every single human not only sounds like the epitome of hubris, but it's also extremely inconsistent since he doesn't seem to be that concerned about our well-being.
  11. It's still weird to think there is free will and absence of evil in Heaven, but not on Earth. And that still only answers the problem of human evil, but you have to remember there are still natural disasters and diseases - not all suffering comes from sin. If we are here on Earth to learn and be saved, the least God could do was give everyone a fair chance at it. It's not about God "doing everything for everyone", (since you say that'd have no point), but surely the toils of someone in the middle class in a developed country are more than enough? It seems deeply unjust that some of us have been so privileged, even by nature, in comparison to others.
  12. Dat cleavage. To unspam: Just went to the Alps a while ago.
  13. Oh, opinions are formed and changed with these discussions alright. Just not yours. I am slowly starting to have an opinion against Zionism myself. :^_^:
  14. And Karlsruhe, Germany? Thanks.
  15. meol

    Life's hard like that D:

  16. meol

    Still a noob (and proud of it!).

    Just less green.

  17. meol

    Census 2.0

    All Hispanics originate in Europe. Therefore, they're Caucasian. Only Indigenous Americans do not come under this category. Mestizo comes under 'Mixed'. Feel free to put what you want, but just a heads up that you've sort of voted wrongly on an objective level. That's the main difference. In Latin America, colonists mixed with the indigenous populations before secluding the rest in small reserves, leading to quite different physical (shorter, darker hair, skin and eyes, etc.) and cultural differences that even lead to racism between the "purer" Caucasians and the new Hispanics. Or you could say all humans originate from Africa, therefore we are all Africans. :P [Edit] Mixed it'll be then, not Caucasian. :thumbup:
  18. meol

    Census 2.0

    Dunno, it seems like two different races to me. Besides, there's the issue of self-identification. We usually call ourselves Mestizos way more often than Caucasians. But anyway. :razz:
  19. meol

    Census 2.0

    Just where do Latinos/Hispanics fall into? :P
  20. Confession: I'm still having withdrawal symptoms after retiring from Staff. :unsure:
  21. XD

    That is all.

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