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haha oh its worth it. I'm F2P but everyone tells me that once you become member, you never wanna be F2P again. :wink: but im gettin members in a few days but only for a month to try it out..and if i like it, gonna get 3 months after that, mayb you should try that?





\:D/ Ray::P2P::::Roaming Around::::Phat me pl0x?::::Beamster:: \:D/


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Guest AshKaYu


whats ur combat lvl???


u must get owned in the wild


if u ever go


peeps can probably 1 hit u lol


and ur total lvls messed up




Spam. *stamps froob on his forehead*




Anyway, I had mems for one month, and it was quite fun.

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uh but how come your skill sig like lvl 1 strength, attk, def etc..?




It;s because they're not ranked so thye show up as 1.




And yes, i did members at lvl 40, so you're fine

(Quit: tallest please come to the death altar, give me 1,337,000,000 gp, a golden tinderbox, and a spade, also steal one of zidanes phats and give it to me.

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Pro's of members


-less crowded servers


-more skills


-faster ways to train skills


-better drops(lvl 2 men can drop clue scroll which can be worth up to 500k if your lucky, not even mentioning possible dragon drops)


-friendlier people


-less rule breakers


-more fun quests to do


-minigames :D




But like said before, try for a month, if you like it you can sign up again, if you don't like it you can still play for free :wink:

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Yes, members is definatly worth it. Not so much if you are still training your f2p skills, because you'd just be wasting money becoming a member just to train skils that can be easily trained without paying money. Also you need to have a pretty knowledge of the map, it's very confusing if you don't even know the basic areas in members land.

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