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Yes a level 80 needs help with Biohazard


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Kind of noobish huh? My problem is that I can't seem to use the bird feed with the tower. I click "use bird feed", I get "use bird feed with...", I then put my mouse over the tower. What happens? Nothing! It still says "use bird feed with..." Advice please!




PS- I hope I'm at the right tower, its the one right in between the gates in the Ardougne wall and then wilderness teleport lever, with 4 mourners on top of it.

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I had the same problem with that part too. You have to try moving the screen at all different angles and right click on the bottom of one of the tower's legs, eventually you should get the option to use the feed with the tower...it took me a while but it is possible

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Update: I finished it!!!! You have to use the feed with one of the little [bleep]es sticking up out of the ground.




So the plague was a hoax... you'd think the people in West Ardougne would have noticed that there really wasn't a plague... makes you wonder

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