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Need money for RC'ing


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Ok, so basically I need 2m to buy 25 glories for RC'ing. I need to know what method would be the fastest and most effective in making it.


Check my RSN for my skills.





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Great tip:




1) Let people mine coal & iron for you or buy it


2) Let people smelt it into steel bars (free xp...)


3) Sell the steel bars 630 ea 8-)




est. profit on 1000 bars:


a) little company & buying small amounts: (630-2x175+75)1000 = 205k and takes a bit longer




B) big company & buying large amounts: (630-2x200+100)1000 = 130k and quickly done




- Back to casual f2p scaping due to limited time (university and girlfriend <3:) -

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Well, seeing as your skills are quite low, here's what i would do:




-Kill druids to sell unid herbs.




-Thieve seeds and sell them.




-Mine iron, coal and mith (once u get the lvl) and smelt and sell or just sell as ores.




-Rune merch, allthough this is now harder because of macroers.




-Run nats on world 101/99/whatever it is that 91+ rcers make them and get enough to sell for that much.

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My tip:




Don't start with 25 glories, only 2.




Get 1k ess, and rc through the abyss.




When you get 1k nats, sell for 300k or more.




Get 2 more glories, and 1k ess.




Repeat until you have 11 glories, or however many you want.




It's working for me....

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