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  1. Can someone please post this name: no_way2go It was my first main but because I was still foolish and young I got it banned, still blame myself for it :wall:
  2. Check my sig for stats, created this character after my 'main' got banned a few years ago. Currently don't actively play tough, only some (solo) merchanting. It can be done :)
  3. 76 fishing, 70 prayer and 74 firemaking here... looks like I'll be able to do it (almost) right away when I get membership again :) 100 flax is like 15k free a day? Not bad but could be better... I wonder what the other rewards are...
  4. That's probably the best way to do it, I did it like that. Only powermined the last 100k xp or so, spend vast amounts of time in the mining guild :P. 87 mining now... Since I'm f2p again I haven't tried mining runite but it's probably one of the best money makers since rune ores incresead 50+ in value since when I used to mine it (then getting 300-400k an hour).
  5. no_way2go


    If you're just after xp you can powermine coal at the wildy coal mine (with the skeletons north-west of edgeville) altough I do recommend powermining/banking iron (if f2p). If you really want coal and you're f2p just use the mining guild, if p2p I think the coal trucks (west of seers) are the fastest coal altough I'm not sure. Did almost all mining on f2p (87 mining ).
  6. It indeed 'wastes' so much time but it also gives allot of satisfaction back, I'm currently not active playing (only f2p GE merchanting, 5 mins a day) cus I know it will take up too much of my time when I start playing again and that's not the best idea now I'm at university wich takes up most of my time, also don't wanne neglect my girlfriend for rs. I recently had a discussion about this whole runescape 'time consuming'-thing with two of my friends (one of them introduced me to rs 6 years ago, now also retired, and the other one also invested 1000+ hours into it). We came to the conclusion that if we ever had too much time on our hands... take for instance you get an accident and become handicapped and are unable to work/leave home but you still get enough money from the governement to have a confortable life. What would you with all the time? Play rs offcourse, it would be ideal :P As member i'd never get bored I think, you can just keep playing it: set new goals for yourself, check out the weekly/monthly updates, hunt for this monster/item, raise that skill, get x-total xp, get x-total lvl, complete those quests, ... The list is endless and the great thing is that it's just so much fun, the game really gives a feeling of accomplishment. It aren't 'just pixels', this game also has a great community. If you want you can throw away your whole life with rs, it's endless. I'd also never give away my account/items because I know I will start playing again one day start, it's just irresistable. :) (Forgive me for my spelling mistakes, I'm not English : )
  7. If I would do the quest I would probably put it in summoning to get me to 68 (100k?) and the rest probably on prayer/herblore/construction (if I manage to get minimum levels by then).
  8. Hi, does anyone have an idea what amount of rc xp I could be getting playing the great orb project? Would it be a good replacement for f2p runecrafting?
  9. I thougt it was gonne be about real-life chores vs runescape, kinda my dilemma now at university :P Anyway, I find these little things amusing to do when you don't know what to train, also the weekly events as the circus or tears of guthix are a steady xp-source for my lower skills.
  10. Mithril is just made up. Adamant comes from a greek word wich means 'hard to handle' and referrs to the hardness of the material. Also don't forget opal, onyx, topaz, emerald, sapphires, ruby, diamond, ... wich irl also can be found in rocks. There is some 'science' in rs but definatly not much.... (I study Biochemistry & Biochemistry at the university of Leuven, in Belgium).
  11. I used to make about 50-100 rune axes a day but the GE killed that method of (slightly) profitable smithing.... :(
  12. Do note that this above method will be slow, faster but more costly is smithing steel plates and selling them on the ge to high alchers (1.3k ea). You some money but the xp is much better. (you can reduce the costs by smelting your own bars) That's how I went from 79-84 like 6 months ago but it did cost me allot, too much actually. (now 90 smith here, did the rest in p2p with goldsmith gauntlets :).
  13. I beg your pardon? Teleblock?! Ancients?! Almost lost my whip/fury because of two mages: one froze me, the other one teleblocked me, if it wasn't for my full inv of food and bad timing of them (could run away right after being frozen) I would have been dead.
  14. ² It just looks plain old dumb to me to wear dragon legs which cost 3x more than a dragon skirt (same stats)...
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