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serious thunks.(please read)


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well, i'll cut to the cheese.


IM BORED IN RUNESCAPE :boohoo: ...lol im not qutting though


do i was wondering: i've wanted to be a 'pirate' all my membership since cabin fever came out. 54 lvls total till i can do it.


but i want rouges den more!


my question(s):


how long does it take to get full rouge?


is it worth it? :-k

~free darius~

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To get full rogue? I did it the day it came out.




In about 8 hours I had full rogue and at least 1k gems from those safes(sp?) (this was prior to the nerf on gems from the safes).

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I suppose it could take a day as Foooman said. I do not believe it's worth it though. It gives little to no bonuses and no benefit to thieving or agility while wearing it (which I think it should, you did go through all that trouble afterall!) The look is alright, but if you're looking at a logical point of view the getup doesn't equal out to the effort put forth. But if you're bored in Runescape the Rogues den will be sure to distract you from that boredom, it's something unique and fresh from the regular grind of day to day Runescape life.




Go for it if you want it! The outfit is worth it or not worth it only in your eyes.

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