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  1. I cannot bloody stand it when my best mates girlfriend takes stuff off of my plate. I'm not dating you. I don't want you to put your lips around the cup i'm drinking out of. It seems like such a small thing, and it is, but when it happens EVERY time i fix myself a feast or grab a drink, it gets on my nerves.
  2. I prefer beer about 90% of the time. However, when i want something different, i get lemon lime & bitters with malibu. Not pre-mixed L/L/B, i prefer it made with fresh lime, lemonade and a few drops of bitters. That, or when i'm at home and i want a drink I get some fresh fruit and juice it (A juicer is possibly the best investment i've ever made). Apples, oranges, strawberries, raspberries and a bit of watermelon for that light summer flavour. Then add ice & malibu and put it in a blender to get a slushie type drink.
  3. I freaked out when i saw this while shopping online. I thought Stev was looking back at me. Doppelganger Stev says hello
  4. Do dungeon doors. More oak planks used per cycle = faster xp
  5. [hide] [/hide] And this is how you train hunter Might leave Falconry now and go do jadinkos Was doing falcons because i hate traps failing, it annoys me more than anything else with hunter But eh, 80 hunter now :D
  6. Don't forget the familiarization minigame for extra charms ;) Of course it isn't "necessary", plenty of us gained 99 summoning before this existed. However now playing through on a second account, and having one, it's definitely very, very handy for slayer. It's amazing.
  7. I understand that, and i agree with you. I also said that levells was correct with his ordering of the bows I said it was up to him to make a decision. All that data is there for him to choose between.
  8. You need to talk to Golrie, not Glarial Here's a link that'll tell you more http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Golrie
  9. What message do you get? You say you can't enter? What does it say?
  10. This. And only this. 100% agree Why waste the money on a useless skill that will give no benefit to you Herb and prayer will give you benefits for the rest of the time you play the game.
  11. You can also find many of the chatters in "serpent eye" 's chat also use world 119 or 60. However 99 is the officialy tip.it home world Welcome :)
  12. Staffs will take a while, but blue d'hide shields are about 16 gp/xp last i saw. Slightly better if you alch them, however alching = time = money Staffs on the other hand 600 limit/day 80 from zaff/day 20 from baba yaka/day = 700 a day, and if your friend does this too, 1400 a day 35000 needed, so 25 days to get the materials. As long as you're fine with that i'd stick to it. Thieving can be done at monkey knife fighters or thievings guild also. Monkeys are about 260 k xp/hr, thievs guild is about 230 k xp/hr. Guild is a lot more clicking however Don't do firemaking before woodcutting, I did on my previous account and i ended up with 3 m wasted firemaking xp. For fishing you can do barb training to break up the monotony of c2 fishing. If i remember correctly barb is about 65-70 k xp/hr
  13. Should answer your question Edit: Levells got in before me; and yes, he's correct However the sag short doesn't give a lifepoint bonus & the hexhunter bow allows you to use shield abilites. So in the end it's up to you.
  14. Saw that i hadn't done imp catcher so i was like, what the heck free spins. Bought the beads from ge and went and did the quest in about 15 seconds flat. I don't think anyone's gotten that much xp from imp catcher ever ha Lost more health doing Demon slayer than i did doing nomad :/ Only need 1 more pot and that darn genie :(
  15. 3rd ever warband and i get the wand heh Me being noob forgot a prayer pot, but didn't matter. Only one of them tried to pk me and when Riptide said to get off he did, I'll be going back with this group i think ha Instant sold wand for 6.5 m & still got my loot from the camp
  16. First task of the order of ascension members Is this normal? I thought keys were rare etc
  17. 99 crafting :) And to follow the trend of 99s in the middle column, i'll probably get fletching next
  18. I have no idea how people get 200m+ months. I've been pretty much no lifing and i've only got that :/ Stats at the end of it
  19. I honestly don't think jagex could make the caves any easier
  20. Id highly recommend getting p2p before training combat anymore. A whip is going to improve your xp/hour by so much
  21. Some great information there, thanks a lot guys :D
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