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New Random - A room with 4 doors 4 walls and a roof!


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As I was reading over all of the new ideas for some anti-macro randoms then I came up with this one. it is a very rewarding random event indeed! This is what happens:




*Ko982tre is cutting his yews as usuall*




A hooded figure teleports next to Ko982tre and says "ahhh, he\she will do!"


Ko982tre is then teleported to a large room with four doors: one on the east,one to the west,one north and the other is south. Now, he\she just has to open the correct door, but how does he\she know which door to open? If he opens the wrong door he\she will be hit with 15 damage (all the time you open the wrong door) This will stop macros from opening the doors randomly to get out.




The location of the correct door is given to you when you teleport, you recieve an Item called Dear (name) Its a letter. You open it and read it and it will have written on it the location of the correct door, but the letters are different (random) sizes and colours and are jumbled up (eg, east could be seat or tesa or aest ect).Every time you open the letter the letters are different colours/size/location but the correct door always remains the same.




Ok, once he knows what door to open he goes ahead and opens it, then he is faced with another challange! Somthing random like "spell your runescape username backwards, what is the 6th letter in your user name, or type these letters backwards. If they fail to do so correctly they are hit with 3 damage and the correct door resets.




Once they are out of the Room they are teleported back to where they where before and get a reward, rewards are:




1500gp (Common)


Scroll Of Knowledge (+1000xp in any skill you choose, semi-common)


Clue Scroll (lvl 1) semi-common, members only


Clue scroll (lvl 2) rear, members only


Clue Scroll (lvl 3) Very rear, members only


Gems (upto 3 diamonds)




This random would be both f2p and p2p.




Any comments appreciated

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And do you know how often players who have Intellects of lower than an average toadstool gets baffled by random events? I've seen people constantly getting bashed by the Sandwhich lady, picking the wrong lever in the Abyssal Hole, etc. It won't be soon until thousands upon millions of players complain that "0m9 7h15 r4nd0m ki113d m3 j493x 15 3vi1 b00 h00 h00!!!"

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Nice idea.




However, to be sucessful a random's got to be difficult enough to fool a macroer, but simple enough to be solved by a 1337-5p34|<1|\|6* 8-yr old.




As you can see, that presents Jagex with quite a challenge.




Chances are if the random asked: "are you a macroer?" and gave a choice of "yes" and "no" a large number of the 1337 players would prove their lack of eliteness by saying "yes".












*I can not believe I actually typed this! :wall:

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If this was added, the first page of the official forums would be spammed with topics like this




inuyasha3982342243234:omfg help im dyin in dis random event room omg u suck jgaex i want poh's free plz




pwnr omfg lol 8392: dood you gotta open random doors 2 get 0ut man its random thats why itz a random event you noob LOL pwnd




inuyasha3982342243234: o ok thx man for da hlep

Retired from runescape

(Banned for bug abusing)

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this seems like a good idea but i dont think its good enough.




ppl who arent macroing are going to get these rewards for reading something and these seem to be pretty good rewards f2p or p2p. its too easy for ppl not macroing but is a good idea for ppl macroing


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However, to be sucessful a random's got to be difficult enough to fool a macroer, but simple enough to be solved by a 1337-5p34|<1|\|6* 8-yr old.





I thought about that line for a few seconds, and then I realized that a good script can do a lot more than your average 8-year-old n00b...




Wow... computers are finally smarter than the idiots of this world #-o :wall:




It's a pretty good idea for a random though. I think that we need to start adopting an opinion of "if you're that stupid, well, you deserve to die/get scammed/be part of a circle firing squad" more often in RS. :)

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I think this would be a great idea. I don't think it would really be that hard, it might require a little bit of thinking but hey a little thinking never killed anyone. In fact sometime I wish that runescape would require a little more thinking so we don't have the little 6-12 year olds playing cause they just bug me really.

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