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  1. PKing still exists, but yes, Pures seems to be largely obsolete except in specific circumstances.
  2. The polls on Tip.it seems to show that most people still like JAGeX.
  3. Proactive adj. Serving to prepare for, intervene in, or control an expected occurrence or situation, esp. a negative or difficult one; anticipatory: proactive measures against crime. Hmmmm, I see what you mean. I'm a bit confused too. =S It's true though. Notice that JAGeX went to great lengths to explain to players exactly why they are doing this: they did so in the update article, and they even made a development diary page about it. Obviously, they anticipated the uproar, and they hoped that players can understand their situation after they hear them out. Wishful thinking, really: getting people to read on the internet is like giving a radio to a deaf man (quoted from a Runescape player). Still, it just shows you how many people have actually done some research before they started whining and flaming JAGeX, when you look the forums both official and non-official. Less than 5% of the rant threads are actually well thought-out, with organised arguments. Side Note: Yeah, I've seen myself on that list a few times too. =(
  4. If this story is true, it's very sad... but it isn't Runescape's fault. If he committed suicide because of Runescape, then even if this update did not happen, I daresay something will soon trigger him off and he'll commit suicide anyway. Runescape wasn't the cause, it was the switch: and someone on the verge of suicide can grab anything as a switch. Runescape just happened to come along.
  5. "Whining" is one thing. To rant about an update without any thought, not even pausing to think about the update and analysing it, simply whining for whining's sake. That's whining. If, however, you disagree with the update, and voice valid arguments against it, that is totally okay. Notice that if someone uses very valid arguments to voice their opinions, and not make stupid threats, they won't fit into any of the categories above. To cap it all up: Whining: Ranting about something with no valid arguments or with illogical reasoning to back up one's claim, and uttering stupid threats. On the other hand, stating your opinion and backing it up with arguments is perfectly alright. In fact, I myself disagree with many of the updates JAGeX has released recently: I don't like what they are doing to trading, and I find Bounty Hunter to be flawed, but I do not whine about it, neither do I support JAGeX mindlessly. But, I don't flame them either, because they are doing what they think is necessary, and I respect that.
  6. Hehe, I thought this was another ranter's whining when I saw the topic, but it isn't. Personally however, I doubt very much that mass quitting has happened: most people would want to stay to see Summoning at the very least, others would want to see the aftermath of it all, and still others... On the whole, I don't think JAGeX will be dented much on the commercial side. This, IMO, is a necessary update (although they could've done it a bit more mildy...), and I think JAGeX made the right decision. I'm sure the problems with Bounty Hunter will be fixed to make it closer to what it should be.
  7. Things will return to normal in a few weeks or so. The kids are crying because their little toy was painted a different colour, that's all.
  8. Your point? You do realise this topic is about exactly that: how mages can overcome the combat triangle more easily than the other classes?
  9. Hehe, by the way, here's a present for all whiners out there.
  10. Yeah. If Doomsayers have successfully prophesied the Death of Runescape, it would have died years ago, and there won't be all this fuss for whiners to complain about at all.
  11. Ever since the start of Runescape, or at least the start of Runescape 2, whiners have plagued JAGeX's game, which they have spent so much of their time and energy to bring to us players. I've found an article on the Internet about whiners in MMOs, and I'm quite unsurprised to see so many of Runescape's players fitting into the categories listed. The ones in red are the ones I've found most prevalent in Runescape. The article was from: http://www.wired.com/gadgets/miscellaneous/commentary/alttext/2006/11/72119 The Power Craver Wants only one thing -- more power with less effort. Any downgrade in power is infuriating. Any upgrade is insufficient. Sample Quote: "I can't believe they nerfed the pillar of lava spell! How am I supposed to kill twelve ogres at once now?" Punishment: Forced to admit that no matter how powerful in the game, still works as a cashier at Kroger in real life. The Magical Realist Doesn't understand what a "game" is. Constantly makes arguments based on what would be "realistic," even if the game is set in a fantasy world run by wizards and pixies. Sample Quote: "You can't tell me a Mondlagarian Tiger Warrior is stronger than a Swamp Troll. That just doesn't make sense!" Punishment: Sent back to kindergarten for remedial make-believe classes. The Majority Stockholder Seems to believe that $15 a month buys you a seat on the board of directors. Doesn't realize that a hundred thousand other people are ponying up the same amount. Sample Quote: "I've e-mailed the developers several times telling them that Fire Paladins should have the axe-throwing skill. They haven't changed it, but they're still taking my money!." Punishment: Forced to work customer service for an online game company. The Emancipator Sees the game as a titanic struggle between the evil expressive developers and the poor, downtrodden gamers. The evidence? Every rule and limitation in the game. Sample Quote: "I don't see why I have to complete quests to get epic weapons! If I want my second-level Bumblefur Bard to wield the Deathsword of Arat'rak'k'k'k, that's my right! Quit telling me how to play!" Punishment: Sent to Sudan to experience first-hand what oppression actually feels like. The Eternal Quitter Just comes on the forum to let everyone know he's quitting for good and to spend a dozen paragraphs explaining why. Then does it again three months later. Sample Quote: "For real, this time." Punishment: Forced to actually quit. The Doomsayer These are the people who roam the forums prophesying the Death of whenever a particularly large update comes up, or just any update really. Good thing they are completely incompetent in their art, else every MMO would have died a dozen times over already. Sample Quote: " just killed . Again." Punishment: The game actually dies. The meaning of their lives vanishes in a puff of smoke. One-Issue Poster Only has one complaint, but posts about it 15 times a day. This is because nobody else cares. Sample Quote: "THE LAVENDER STARBELT IS ACTUALLY PERIWINKLE!!!! WHY DON'T THEY FIX THIS??!!!?!" Punishment: Lavender Starbelt changed to lilac. The Lifestyler Wants a bunch of cosmetic changes to a single type of character. Exhibits an eerie level of identification with said character. Sample Quote: "The Pastry Elves' laugh should be less bubbly and more tinkly. Our giggle should remind you of gazing at the stars as a child, and our smile should make you think of the taste of honey on a cool spring morning." Punishment: Character icon replaced with accurate photograph of self. The Deathmonger Main complaint about the game is that you can't kill everything. Secondary complaint is that the things you can kill don't suffer enough. Sample Quote: "Why can't I make the baker watch me kill his wife and child, then force-feed their flesh to him until his stomach bursts? What is this, Barbie's Horse Adventure?" Punishment: To be determined, pending DNA analysis of freezer contents.
  12. Peoples, peoples. PKing in the Wilderness certainly will NOT die. Why? Because Free Players have no access to minigames or new monsters. They will simply continue to use the Wilderness as always. If they replace the Wilderness completely, then what will Free Players do if they wish to PK?
  13. Peoples, peoples. PKing in the Wilderness certainly will NOT die. Why? Because Free Players have no access to minigames or new monsters. They will simply continue to use the Wilderness as always. If they replace the Wilderness completely, then what will Free Players do if they wish to PK?
  14. Open up your mind. He is talking about the mean global temperature. A very small, more or less permanent change in the average temperature across Earth can be disastrous.
  15. For God's sake, this topic is years old. The guys who posted this and originally replied might not be here anymore, stop quoting and talking to them.
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