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Prayer books? Worth it or not?


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There good for mages/rangers (using knives etc...) for pking as you can get them back for free.. unlike a mages book... But for Melee ppl, i'd stick with a defender :P

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To be honest, i think the rune defenders work better than prayer books,


the saradomin book gives +8 to all defensive stats, which is comparable to an anti dragon fire shield.


Guthix gives +4 to both offensive and defensive ,so can be affective if you ranging or maging


Zammy however, gives +8 to all offensive stats (inc str) which makes it quite good when rangng or maging


Rune defenders however give about +20 to all offensive stats and 5 str+ bonus. so unless your bothered with a margin of +3 str, id stick with rune defenders :D

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Guest skater789

i still use my zammy book everytime i got to barrows \'




although rune defenders give a much bigger offensive bonus

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