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how long...


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does it take to get a clue scroll from greaters???


i remeber it only took like 30min back when i used to be a member like last summer, now that im a member again it seems like getting a clue scroll takes forever i haven't gotten one yet...

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Well, clue scrolls are anyway.

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However I am a realist and therefore know that I probably wont be able to.


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kiddioo would you call bones random? :lol:

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lordofthehauntedminestextcb6.png Completed haunted mine at level 75.

Barrows Drops: Dh platelegs, Guth helm, Karils cb, Torags legs


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the clues are random. sometimes when i go there for slayer i wont get a single one and sometimes i will get up to four.



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First Dragon Drop 5/6/2006 -Dragon Med from Bronze Dragon :D

First Barrows Item From Chest 2/20/2007 - Verac's Brassard :D

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