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im a nooby pker can ny1 help? lvl 92 char


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Yeah, you use the help & advice board. :)




Train your strength and attack up. Maybe your prayer to 52 for Smite also. Remember when you go out to bring super sets and a prayer pot or two to protect your whip if you die. You will get better with experience, don't worry.

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ive always been told to take a dds and a whip. should i use ancients or normal? and wot armour u sujest i use the best i can recall is


climbing boots, split body, warrior helm, blue mystic body, prayer book or obby shield, mage or str ammy and a dds and/or whip

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your stats are pretty good.. at 78 str i think that is atleast 21-22 nat with whip.. so this should be your set up i wouldnt recommend ancients until atleast 82 mage tho






for mage:






split body


mystic bottom


power ammy(just like glory but slight less bonus.. same str bonus tho)


climbing boots


best gloves u can get...


whip (dds in invetory)


prayer book.. guthix or zammy.. sarry is basicly a waste..


god cape


inventory: dds super set prayer pot (maybe 2)the rest sharks...




for just melee:




rune plate


rune legs


climbing boots


best gloves u can get


legends cape or god cape..(i woulndt use obby cape since its kinda expensive for a cape)




zammy book,guthix book, or rune defender for shield..(obby shield seems like expensive to loose if you die...)






super set...prayer pot or 2


rest sharks..








this is kinda poor mans guide.. if you didnt sound like you always die(no offense) i would say like use full ahrims for the mage outfit.. or like full dharoks for melee lol.. but oh well these set ups work pretty well from what i can gather

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You don't need our help do you then ;)




Did you take a picture? If you did post it in graveyard so you can show people it. If you dont know how to take a picture of a kill right click the pile, get the kill message on the chat(easily done by turning public chat to off) and hit the printscreen button next to f12 then log out of rs and open up paint and paste it in there.




Or you could download a picture taking device where you can hit like f12 and it will save a screen shot for you. :)




Goodluck. I can't pk either.

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lol the only way i killed this dude was i took no armour to the lever and just ancient runes and saw this guy running....... i just kept freesing him and he couldnt do nything.


to me thats not really pking though.


becaus pking to me is a good fight in the wildi and i always loose those

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PKing is player killing...or in other words killing players.


the thing to remember about PKing is its harsh, scary, unfair and rewarding all at the same time :D .


i would recommend getting your attack and strength to 80 and using ancients (youve already realised they own :twisted: ) just be as harsh as you can and you will be fine.


if your after a "good fight" then go to the duel arena or something...


Empire Mind:Nbk killed your clan.



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